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  • Domains, redirecting, ports, etc

    Well I know you all here have a great understanding about servers and such.

    What would I have to do in order to get a domain that points to an ip address with a port number at the end?
    Example-> 12.345.67.891:8080

    I have a domain that supports forwarding and masking. has a nice webhop cloaking service for free, but it pops up an advertisment. It's great because I can do something like
    There's no use of frames either.

    When I enable masking on my domain, I cannot enter the names of any folders after the domain such as
    It is just like where there is a frame on the surface of the website.

    I don't need masking if the domain points to an ip address. My isp has blocked port 80 for servers so I have to use another port number.

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    I would like to know if it's possible to get a domain to point to another domain...

    ie... have a dynamic subdomain, and have another domain name point to the IP address that the subdomain resolves to.
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      Necros: DNS has such a thing as aliases, so it is possible to have one domain resolve to the same address as a certain subdomain. This is called a CNAME record.

      okih, your isp sucks, be sure to tell them that.

      Domains can only point to IP addresses, not specific ports. They don't need to because normally services run on fixed port numbers.

      What happens is you register a domain, which then points to a normal webserver, which then redirects the request to a URL you specified. Some of them will load the page in a frame or iframe and spawn some ads with it, instead of just redirecting, that's how it works. has a special, free, port redirection service specifically to allow people to have websites with ISP's blocking port 80, i think it's your best bet.
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        Would I be able to make my domain name point to an IP address, then forward my domain name to itself plus the port number having masking turned off? Like this... --> My IP Address

        Forward without a mask to

        So then when I access, it points to instead of MyIP:8080

        That way, people won't have to remember the port number unless they are directly linking to one of my pages.


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          So you want to point to 23.425.25.25:8080 but without changing the address bar so people think they are still on ?

          We need some more information from you....first.. whats an IP address?
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            yeah thats it. and no frames.


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              oh ya i use
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