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    like i said, if you are fine with a fer microseconds lower response time, just use the USB>PS/2 converter and shove it in the mouse port...
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      Mach, hardware cursors as far as i'm aware refer to the (invisible) graphical cursor used to draw screens in graphical 2d modes. I've never seen it as a user-configurable setting with such a name, however.
      If i'm wrong, please tell me where you've seen it and what exactly it's supposed to do, i'd very much like to know.

      Bulletstopper, try some of the things recommended in this thread, and try some other games using engines other than source. You need to determine the cause of the problem by the process of elimination, before you can start thinking about fixing it.

      I'm pretty sure your actual mouse is not your problem, mouselag usually happens when there are a significant number of frames in-transit, so to speak, which causes a delay between the time your CPU starts working on a frame, to the time it's done rendering and displayed on your screen. That's why turning off rendering things such as VSync and also Triple Buffering that store frames in memory before displaying them, help counter the problem.
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        FIXED IT! Don't ask me how lol....
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          Pest : I was churning out ideas for BS to try, sometimes in hardware support the biggest frustration is not knowing what to do next. Hardware cursors may not indeed have anything at all to do with the problem.

          Anyway seems he sorted it without realising how... just like I managed to boost the speed of my ATI 9600 Pro last night without realising how.