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Multiple audio tracks in an .avi

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  • Multiple audio tracks in an .avi

    Hi, i came by DVD rips of Red Dwarf series and i got a problem. When i play it in a normal player it plays the normal sound + the actors commentary in background. It's kinda annoying since i just want to watch it normally.
    In my old Windows install, playing same videos would only play normal sounds. Is it some kind of codec (installed a whole pack) or maybe is there a player to stop some audio tracks from video?

    Which codecs do you use anyway? I find it annoying to have to search for some sometimes, i just want one istall and i don't want to worry about anything.

    Thanks a lot for Your help.
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    I use BS-Player in conjuction with the K-lite codec pack. Get them both from my FTP Ducky


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      I'm not sure why your default audio is no longer default, but this can fix the problem:
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        Thanks for the Codecs Mach, thanks for that software Salvage. It works now =)
        In the Future, One Duck Is The Law.


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          I didn't know anyone else had ever watched Red Dwarf- good stuff!

          Anyways, it seems that Mach has already give n the advice tha's needed- Red Dwarf FTW!
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