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    Not really a problem but just a heads up for anyone that also comes across this.

    When you click Edit Post for one of your posts you get that quick edit thing, right? Well if you leave it at the quick edit for too long your cookies (or whatever) expire. This causes you to have to login again, so when you click Save Changes after however long it takes until your login expires you will be faced with this:
    (As you can see the page is a little disoriented, lol)

    So after you enter your login informations you get this:
    (Notice the URL, is it supposed to be like that?)

    So the post I was editing was in the Night-Blade forums and i wanted to add bucchess' post as quote and add some of BCG's neat smilies so heres the post right after i logged in and went to the right thread:

    Hmm...Ok that makes sense I got logged out beacause of cookie expiration, so I'm logged in again and ready to finish editing that post, so I click Edit Post and lo and behold the edited stuff is already there!

    So I click Save and WOHA! no changes to the post! How can this be? I just saw my edited post!

    So if this happens to you to solve the problem you just have to go to advanced and click Save Changes.

    Yes, yes I know, leave it to me to find these small things.
    BTW: Yes I have 20 PM's!! I'm famouso! And no my time is no -4GMT (i don't think...) so those times are wrong

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    Might be a better idea to report this to Jelsoft. Since it seems to be a problem with the software we use.


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      I've never seen nor had this problem before. How long do you leave it at the quick edit screen before this problem arises?

      I don't have cookie expiration problems at all, sure this isn't just a browser problem? Be sure to check the "Remember me" option when you log in, that should let you stay logged in like forever.


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        Not sure on how long it is, but I left the thing sitting for like 20minutes, not doing any clicking around.

        I never click the Remember Me because i clear my cookies and history and everything everyday, , makes me feel like my computer is clean

        But I've tried it with Mozilla and Internet Explorer on Windows XP Professional, don't have opera, safari, or netscape, so i can't see if it happens with those.

        I'll have to see under Linux and all their browsers


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          That's not really a bug, then. The cookies are expiring after 20 minutes of inactivity because you're telling them to... The solution? Don't leave it sitting in quickedit
          It's not my fault everything you like is terrible.


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            If you empty your cookies everyday anyway, why would it be a problem to check the "Remember me" option? That's the one giving you problems. Check it every time you log in, and that will be the last you wills ee of cookie timeouts on this board.


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              Ok, thats a whole button i have to click!

              Guess in quickedit 20minutes isn't quick


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                Originally posted by SpamSlayer
                Ok, thats a whole button i have to click!
                Actually, it's a checkbox.