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    Hey there, hoping someone here can answer a couple questions I have about RAM.

    I just bought 2 gigs of 667 MHZ ram, installed it, and when I check CPU-Z, it says they are 333MHZ.
    Because its DDR2 is it adding them together, or am I missing something.

    Also, the ram I got is supposed to be good for overclocking by raising the voltage, but I have no idea how to do this...can anyone rudely shove me in the right direction? In fact, I can't even find my RAM's voltage.

    So if anyone can help me with this stuff, or with anything else related, please do!

    Thanks guys!

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    sounds about right ddr runs at a double rate, so its 333 actual, 667 effective.'s safer here.


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      Yup, and to add to the confusion, the actual memory core runs at 166MHz

      Increasing the voltage on the memory is a BIOS option, your motherboard may or may not have memory voltage controls. Only the better, enthousiast oriented boards do.

      Anyway, i doubt you will see much benefit from overclocking the memory further, as it already offers much more bandwidth than your CPU's FSB can take, then again i may be wrong as i'm not very familiar with the recent intel chipsets.
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