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Alpha Release - 2008/03/08

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    Just to throw it in before anyone else does... They still lack an animator so don't blame them for not having the proper animations! To be honest, if I didn't have my own stuff to do I'd probably propose to make a new rigg from scratch and make the necessary work to make it work. (I know pretty much everything needed when it comes to animation and UE3, I work with it) I'm seriously considering but am holding back as I know I tend to procrastinate.....

    immortius >> Would you be open for a completely new skeletal system instead of using the UT3 stuff? I don't know how hard it is to change the skeletal meshes on the player pawns with code, but it isn't that much of a hassle right?


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      Originally posted by Benvox2 View Post
      -Guards dont look like THIEF guards but still good.
      Nightblade is not trying to recreate Thief though, just like Thievery didn't.