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Alpha Release - 2008/04/11

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  • Alpha Release - 2008/04/11

    A new release is available from Nightblade's Testing Page. The changelog lists what has changed, but give a brief summary:

    - Started work on an ingame help framework. This is off by default but can be switched on by setting bShowIngameHelp=True in the ini file. I'm thinking of basically flashing up information on the left side of the screen, with a bias towards more relevant information. So if you are holding a sword, have an invisibility potion selected and have a door highlighted then you are most likely to get information on swords, doors or invisibility potions. So far only weapons and a touch of general information is implemented.
    - Thieves can now see the names of enemy guards when aiming at them.
    - Added a blood splatter camera effect when damaging thieves with the sword.
    - Fixed Nightblade so that it is displayed under the custom gametype server browser (so it should now show up in the Thieves vs Guards gametype category, mixed with other custom gametypes).
    - Tweaks to the stealth system. Thieves now flash visible when damaged, and invisibility potions end when a thief swings their Blackjack.
    - Bug fixes, including a number of cases where players could end up invisible (specifically Guards going invisible after being KOed, and anyone when backed against a wall or looking upwards). Also fixed a few problems with the Whistler.
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    Its comming together i see, good work mate!^_^


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      Good stuff.


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        Excellent. The help system is a really great idea too, since one thing that often puts off new players is the learning curve. This will help them a lot.