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Immortius' Journal Entry - 2008/04/20

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  • Immortius' Journal Entry - 2008/04/20

    There was no update last Friday so I'ld take a moment to mention what I've been working on. Basically I've been exploring some areas of UT3, and the next result wasn't worth releasing an update on its own.

    I've looked into the Post Processing Effect system and worked out how to have both gameplay and mapper effects coexist (although I've removed the Dark Vision and Invisibility Potion effects for the moment).

    I also spent some time creating a copy of the midgame menu, with a goal of gradually replacing elements with Nightblade versions. So far I've changed the scoreboard, removed a couple of irrelevant tabs and changed the key binding screen to have a Nightblade specific list of key bindings.

    Finally I fixed some issues with the custom font that Nightblade uses not centering correctly.

    Public holiday this Friday for Australians, so we will have an update then for sure.
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    awesome, i cant wait =)