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  • Inq's Journal Entry

    I'm putting a stop to all those "No progress!" topics on the boards. There's only one sure fire way to make sure they're stopped and that's, as you might've guessed, by showing off some progress! Don't get too keen to see lots and lots and lots, because I'm currently having severe Internet issues and it takes a whole lot of pain and effort just to get near posting and getting images uploaded.

    I've been quietly working away on environment models since the end of the summer. The first few were done very slowly after a moderate attempt at a table and a guard. The table needs to be improved a bit still while the guard showed promise, but in the end I think character models are best left to the more experienced modellers on the team. I ended up running into plenty of difficulties with Zbrush and normal maps on the guard. You'll all have to jump onto Illuminus's back and give him a kick up the arse to get a guard model done and dusted.

    Since then I've been working non-stop on general objects, which I've become much quicker at doing. I've started on the big stuff and will be moving downwards to the small stuff like jewellery, cutlery and other minor items. I would've shown more samples, but the connection I am on simply cannot handle it.

    Here are a few examples of the household furniture that will grace the manors of snobby toffs, the coach houses for wealthy merchants and, of course, the palaces the smarmy dukes, earls, lords and ladies of the land, the biggest prize in the world!

    Upper Class - Dining Table

    First off is a middle class table and chairs. I've separated my list of objects into lower, middle and upper class. The most common objects will have different class equivalents. Not only is this for the sake of trying to make it realistic, but it should also be a handy indicater of where the best loot is on a level. If you see really slick looking chairs with lots of patterns and smoothly plained wood, you know you've hit the big time! The poor equivalent of this table would be a tatty old piece of wood with a couple of stools next to it. You get the idea.

    Table - 864 triangles and one 1024 texture.

    Upper Class - Dining Chair

    Here is a close up of upper class dining chair. I've spiced it up with some fancy patterns and flowers. If it doesn't look comfortable to you, don't you worry, I've already made a big, warm and comfy armchair as an alternative. 860 triangles and one 1024 texture.

    Upper Class - Chaiselongue

    "Tell me about your parents..."
    The chaiselongue is a must for any excessively wealthy snob. It's a part of a set to go with the chairs. The flower pattern design was in that year. No giant manor is complete without this gorgeous accessory, whether it's to lie on or hide behind. 950 triangles and one 1024 texture.

    Upper Class - Grand Piano

    This is the big one, the centrepiece of any 19th century mansion. It's by far the largest object model so far, but I thought it was worth giving it all its details. There'll probably won't be more than one on any level. You can see all of the inside of the piano here, but you can't close the lid or anything. It's fixed.

    A pinch at 1,872 triangles with two 1024 textures. When it comes to map making, I hope you'll all use it sparingly.

    Unfortunately I was hoping to far have more to show, but I've been let down by successive "uploads failed". If I can get more images up I'll have them on here for future posts. Thanks to Illuminus for uploading a couple for me. But keep the smiles and faith up because the game is coming along, even if it doesn't sound like it.


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      A nice job indeed

      Guess you could always make a closed version of the piano for the maps/rooms that become too laggy becouse of it.

      Illuminus *cough* guard *cough*


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        1872 tris shouldnt really give that much of a fps impact with UE i'd have thought, ue has always been good at laughing off high polys (compared to other avilable generation engines i mean). Can't wait to make a box map with a room full of physics pianos

        Just think you're chaiselongue is 1 and half times the polys for a standard thievery character (well ut99 ones were around 650 according to my maya imports).

        Looking very nice


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          I love you. Let's kiss.

          That is some really superb stuff you made there. But don't we get to see the blobby failed excuse of a guard you tried to make? That would be funny.


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            Cheers guys. Thanks for the short and sweet thumbs up, Illuminus, and thanks for the inappropriately farfetched gratitude, Tafferton.

            I can show the "blobby" guard. I had it uploaded from quite a while back. It's not the worst thing in the world, but whenever I look at it I get irritated by it. Also, it doesn't match the thief character in style, so I wouldn't go with it. The main problems were that the normal map just didn't come out right and I got extremely lazy when it came to the hair.

            The guard himself as a model is pretty solid. The right sort of polygon count and what I believe to be a good solid topology. However, what lets it down is the texturing and most definitely the normal map. I don't know if I did it incorrectly or what, but I need a lot more experience with that before I'm going to be making stuff I'm happy with. If Illuminus wants to work on a guard model off my design, I'm more than happy to go down that route. At the moment he doesn't match Illuminus' thief in style at all, so that's one of the reasons why I packed it in. I reckon if I were to re-do the texturing for the guard I could probably do a better job now, but we'll see where to go with it when the time comes.

            Below is the original concept design. He looks a bit like a spanish conquistador, but I used reference pics to make him look like the right period English guard. The helmet I would've modelled separately so that it could be knocked off his head.

            And here's the 3D model non-textured. At this point I did think he was looking pretty good. I could actually return to it from this point, change his hair and face topology a little bit and unwrap him again.

            So that's my guard model effort early on. I probably could do a better job on him this time around if I put my mind to it. I've completely changed my approach to texturing and seem to be doing better for it. It's better to try and mantain some consistency with Illuminus' and Cythes' work though.

            As it stands, this model isn't going any further.


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              Seems nice but the plate parts look a bit too expensive for a simple guard. Would expect something flatter for a simple watchman in some old kitchen. Kind of like the original concept.

              You could always go with the same approach as you did with the furniture and make three or two slightly different guard outfits. So the guards at the main gallery have a fancier armour becouse the lord wants to show off his wealth to the quests but the guards in the back areas have to do with the simple designs.

              Keep up the good work!


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                Originally posted by Inq View Post
                Cheers guys. Thanks for the short and sweet thumbs up, Illuminus, and thanks for the inappropriately farfetched gratitude, Tafferton.
                What, no hug?

                Anyway, that doesn't look blobby at all. I thought you meant it was total crap. It has some problems, but I like it except for the head.

                You should know, however, that I know what was really going on here. You were just trying to hide the fact that this model is a result of your William H. Macy fetish.

                But aside from my stupidity, that model isn't a blob at all.


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                  That's a great model keep it up mate.


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                    Arent the eyes abit too far apart on the guard model? Prolly just me tho.

                    Whatever, noice!
                    My leet Thievery Map
                    My leet UT3 Map
                    My leet AS Map


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                      No they're not, equal opportunities! I've once seen a lithuanian who looked like a fish...


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                        i think its more the forehead is a bit heavy for his eyes to hold up.. but I'd really like to see it animated. And no goose-stepping nazi style
                        I'd Be More Apathetic... If I Wasn't So Lethargic


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                          The proportions on the guard's head are definitely quite strange, but anatomy is a very difficult thing to get right without scads of experience. We had an artist from Blitz at one of our events a few weeks ago, talking about the trend for even commercial game characters to have "hamster hands"

                          Great work on the furniture Inq, and I love the class system naming convention.


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                            Thanks for the feedback guys. Like you guys said, there's things wrong with the guard. Many things are there that I don't like so I'm not going to be running into the path to defend it. I don't think there's any actual problems with the design. I quite like the armour plate and all that. If I were to simplify it, I'd be afraid that it'd look really boring. I did jazz it up a bit, I admit. I must leap to the defence of the poor bloke who's head you're slagging off! I found his face on a mugshot site and thought it was a good'un for a gruff guard. I suppose I must've modelled slightly off. If I were continuing with the guard, I wouldn't do anything mad like creating different versions for fancier areas. Afterall, in multiplayer games the human guards would just be running around like headless chickens all over a map anyway. I expect that there will only be one guard model and one thief model, perhaps at the most with slightly different head shapes. For making the guards look different would only be done by changing hair colour, adding/removing facial hair and changing some general textures. There's no sense in adding in unnecessary extra work. A guy from Blitz, eh Nachimir? Those guys turned me down for a work placement one or two years ago. I've got go to them again and grovel for a job sometime soon. Hopefully I'll be able to convince them to take me on. A heads up, I've now done some "Upper Class - Drawers".


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                              love the mustache, definately keep the facial hair.

                              If you made his pants and shirt puffy, striped and colourful he would have a great Napoleonic period look. Maybe some Ornamentation on his breat-plate as well.
                              As is, he looks drab and medieval.

                              Quick google search and look at these dandy idiots. If you want to match the period furniture you need to think flamboyant imo.

                     =16&um=1&tbnid=Iidb_ljhI-4D1M:&tbnh=109&tbnw=142&prev=/images%3Fq%3DNapoleonic%2BPikeman%26um%3D1%26hl%3D en%26client%3Dfirefox-a%26rls%3Dorg.mozilla:en-USfficial%26sa%3DX
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