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    ^^ looks like Captain Hook!
    Thieves vs Pirates?
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      perhaps not Spanish, but like I pictured a more modern looking guard for NB to fit the period, well-paid, fairly well-dressed and lightly armoured. As opposed to TUT's medieval knight.
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        Well, you've got to make sure you distinguish between what's a soldier and what's a guard. I made sure to google up guards and not army men. I gave him some puffy trousers and stuff, making him look like a bit of a dandy, but didn't go nuts with it. I'd stick by my general design as I think it's pretty accurate. Just the implementation is bad for me.


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          Guard looks real good- near perfect- but the head does seem a bit off as others have mentioned.

          The ears seem a bit low to me, and that throws things off (the rest looks fine). Compare with the "early days" ref picture- ear position seems more natural. I believe the position of the ear canal should be about where the top of the ear is now and the top should be just above the eye. I think that little tweak would make the head look more natural.

          All in all though, very nice work.
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            My example of the soldiers was that they are sooooo over the top, that a simple guard would have at least some colour & fashion to him.

            You can take it or leave it, but I think he looks more like he would be stealing stuff rather than guarding it. He might look out of place guarding a nice mansion or manor-house, standing next to those ornate furnishings you made.
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