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    An open letter to the Black Cat Games team:

    It appears that there is a team that has already planned on making a thievery-ish mod for UT3, and in fact have been active since at least April 06. They did not join up with BCG before because they wanted to experiment with the new features of UT3; plus they were unsure that the UT2k4 version would do the game justice.

    Now that BCG is moving forward with Night-blade for UT3, I think it would be appropriate if you considered teaming up. You would gain a few coders, modelers, artists, and mappers; hopefully this would speed the end process to deliver a quality game for all to enjoy.

    The leaders on this team are sometimes considered sophomoric, yet the talent they have assembled is competent.

    The issue at hand is that the team IS interested in joining up with BCG for this project, yet are hesitant to do so, because they recognize that their skills may not be considered 'up to par' with the rest of the BCG development team.

    However, they have already shown promise by designing and working on code for an AI Conversation algorithm, which in short allows planned and unplanned conversations between AI that go beyond the simple 'How you doin' chatter we see from Thievery.

    We're in need of talented artists who can help bring this project to life. - Night-blade website
    This type of coding, in addition to the texture/modeler artists already working for the team would certainly be able to add dimension to the game, with BCG's experience and leadership.

    The current team, as listed on their website:

    KewlAzMe - USA Project Manager, Mapper, Coder, Webmaster, Animator
    Chief - Europe Project Manager, Mapper, Modeler
    Keggie -Sound Effects Engineer & Mapper
    Kurgan - Voice Acting
    MontyPython - Developer
    Shiro - Musician
    Denny - Developer
    Tobias_The_Taffer - Developer

    Request that you consider a ’collaboration’ on the Night-blade project. Any further details I will defer to KAM and Chief on the direction they want to take on this effort.

    Your humble servant,

    Kiech Bepho
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    Just to point out you've been looking at the old website and the team is now actually:


    Not that it makes that much difference to your post but I thought I'd just make sure the rest of the team not mentioned didn't feel left out.


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      Originally posted by Kiech Bepho View Post
      The leaders on this team are sometimes considered sophomoric, yet the talent they have assembled is competent.
      Very politely stated.

      Perhaps a PR position is a good suit for you Keich
      I'd Be More Apathetic... If I Wasn't So Lethargic


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        Hi all.

        The reason we haven't been very active on the hiring front recently, is because we're concentrating on gameplay beta's first, and art later.

        Furthermore, it's our historical experience that getting the right people (talented, committed, time available) is very very important for the team, as it costs an awful lot of time and effort to chase after people, or to find out that some work is not up to scratch and spend lots of time doing it up again.

        Thus, we've been fairly quiet about recruiting till now, but we're aware of the need for content creators and testers and welcome people who are passionate about their work, so everyone is welcome to apply.

        The art content required for NBUT3 will have to be pretty high quality, and is directed, so if anyone thinks they can handle it, we are looking for mappers, concept artists, character modelers and skinners, and musicians / sound people.

        However, we do have one requirement for anyone wanting to apply - you must include a portfolio or links to your previous work.

        For now, people can PM me (add a CC to Immortius and Dalai though), and we'll get a dedicated recruitment email and annoucement set up soon.

        All the best,
        Red Guard
        Thievery UT


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          i do some ambient musics, and some electronix, when u have some interrests, take a look at my blog in my sig. There must be shown a music player, request flash i think...
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            Originally posted by oRGy View Post
            So thats what we're going to call it now

            Once upon a midnight dreary,
            while I read the B-C-G fury
            Over many a great and informative site.
            When I clicked voodoo's link...
            suddenly there came a warning,
            and my heart was filled with mourning,
            mourning for voodoos music blog,
            "Tis not possible!", i muttered,
            "I want to visit VooDoo's blog galore"
            but alas, quoth the server, 404.

            maybe you have certain parts of the name that are supposed to be capitalized?


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              i just say f*king lol, so link f!xed now.


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                You'd never guess Spamslayers' English Literature exams are coming up soon huh?


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                  gah hahaha
                  yeah, got to study up that Edgar Allen Poe, Emily Dickinson, Hawthorne, and that guy that wrote Catcher in the Rye ...Slainger

                  Yeay, music lol