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    why? cuz i dont want to pay for fan-made hobby mod. And its unnofficial, illegal, so why should i pay for illegal things?


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      Because if a publisher approaches the development team for a mod, offering them pay packets and jobs and the development team decide its a good reward for all the hard work they've done on the mod, and they get to see their mod up on all the shelves of the shops, then good for them.

      However, this is not good for us (the players), as we'd end up either, not playing the mod any more, or paying for it. We might say that the development team 'sold out' on us, in a way as we supported them in terms of interest and advertising for the mod online.

      Just, think outside your pocket, Uruk.
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        If anyone else has anything new and interesting to add to the discussion, please go ahead. Otherwise, enough of the constant back-and-forth stating the same things over and over.
        It's not my fault everything you like is terrible.


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          Originally posted by )!(Uruk-Hai)!( View Post
          Yeah?. Then why u dont pay for maps then? Like how much u would pay for Thievery mappack 6.0? I guess 1$ for each map should be enought.
          T_T iq dude, iq plx.

          how the hell did you refer to that, how is it even relevant? i dont know what to say end of discussion.
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            If it's as fun as Thievery, but with more polish: 20$
            I gladly bought Ship and Red Orchestra and felt I got my money's worth.

            I'm very pro-indie As long as game is fun I will gladly pay and I wouldn't really be sad if nightblade would go commercial. I was happy AlienSwarm did that. If Blackcats can earn money for their hard work and most of all if sales can ensure more future content from them than I would gladly support them with my money.

            I would pay 50$ easily though if it had nice 5-6 hours SP campaign with editor included.