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A huge reminder and request for future maps

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  • A huge reminder and request for future maps

    I just want to remind and request everyone that are considering to make maps for Nightblade to think about that we have a new nice feature called Kismet in UT3 - which essentially means that we can do scripted events and similar, which in English means that we can do pretty awesome levels without relying a single bit on the BC team.

    So for example, I could make up a series of sequences that the thieves must activate before reaching a final goal and suddenly have a new game type without even touching a single line of code. It's all possible by telling Kismet to make a comparison;
    If button A has been pressed, make Button 2 available. And that's just the top of the iceberg.

    If I were to make another example I could make a map where one player needs to get to the security room and activate a timed trigger to a valve door which another player needs to enter. Either 1: The door could instantly shut when the time ends or 2: It could slowly close by time.

    The possibilities are endless and things like this can easily make a game so much more fun!

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    Those 2 things are possible in normal UED anyway... but I agree there are many other features of Kismet that could be used to create great maps.. Like custom AI features and Night-to-day transition too! Nothing says you're running out of time like the sun coming up

    Good call Denny!
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      It's always best to mention the basics to enlighten people rather than telling them you can actually make a calculator or a pinball game through kismet.


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        The Kismet system is really nice, and I'll be making use of it to make things easier for mappers whenever possible, through the creation of custom Kismet events and actions. For instance, the Nightblade door system uses a custom Kismet event to control one or more attached doors, making it easy to set up double doors that open together, close together and share the same damage and lock state.
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