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  • Artist looking for stuff to do

    Howdy. I signed up a while back as TheInquisitor, but I didn't get the activation email so I couldn't finish getting on the boards. I was very keen to help out with the art side of things. I'm not a pro-quality as your current artists unfortunately but I'm on my way up and getting much better with each model. I'll show you some bits and bobs.

    I can:
    - Model
    - Texture (need a bit more experience on realistic textures)
    - Skin (biped only at the mo, my knowledge of custom rigs is weak)
    - Animate

    I'm still yet to learn Zbrush/Mudbox unfortunately.
    I loved the original ThieveryUT game and it'd be great to help out on this one. At the moment I was thinking starting off small with general doodads like tables and chairs. I tend to be very reliable on delivery the goods on my promises. Here's some stuff:

    I can do much better than these pieces of junk now.
    Is there a place for an upcoming young go-getter ready to step up his game?

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    I do remember you. I'll contact you via email and we'll take it from there.
    Immortius' Forge