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Suggestion: Seperate Frob / Use Item Bindings.

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  • Suggestion: Seperate Frob / Use Item Bindings.

    Firstly, I'm really impressed with the NB beta's so far, they are coming along great - wonderful work Immortius and Co. keep it up!

    Anyhow, my suggestion is what it says on the tin.

    I'm just one of those people who prefered the option of a seperate keybinding for frob and use item in TUT as I just cannot adjust to having to clear my items before frobbing, I find it a wasted movement.

    For those who prefer 'use item' and 'frob', on the same key the option would be still available with UT3's ability to bind two actions to one key (I'm assuming its still possible).

    What are peoples thoughts and feelings on this?


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    Ah! You know i thought of this the other day while playing... then when I shut down the game and came to the forums to ask for it, but then I forgot what it was that I wanted..

    But YES YES YES! This was it.. Please do that.
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      Sounds like a fine idea.

      I've never needed to bind anything to 'use item' anyway. I highly recommend using hot-keys for all equipment.
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        It's already in. Does anyone read the readme?
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          lol.. ree--aadd---mm--ee ???
          I'd Be More Apathetic... If I Wasn't So Lethargic


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            I should add them to the key binds menu sometime though.
            Immortius' Forge


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              Well I think I'll just be checking that read me now

              But for the benefit of us thickies who don't know how to change their key bindings in their configs, could you tell me how to do this then issue me with an extra pointy dunces hat?

              Much obliged

              Edit: Nailed it now I had a look at the bindings and they are straight forward, open up in notepad and search for [NightbladeMod.NbPlayerInput]

              Under that heading you will want change this to get Frob on the Right mouse button:



              The same applies to bind a key to use inventory items with GBA_UseItem, for example:

              Works really well, With one hitch.... If you pick up a placeable item like a bottle you CANT throw it with frob hopefully Immortius you can change this, Or at least tell me the command to throw these placeable physics items for now...
              Last edited by col2004; 10 Jun 2008, 04:18 PM. Reason: read the readme, figured out how...