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UT3 Editor crashing on Darkened Enlightenment

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  • UT3 Editor crashing on Darkened Enlightenment

    I finally put down the games long enough to go through Immortius' mapping guide. My version of it hadn't been updated to reflect newer releases, so instead of copying things from the Nightblade directory I was copying from the "NbGame" directory to the cooked PC directory.

    Then I edited the UTEditor.ini as specified with the 3 lines on ModPackages.

    I figure now is where I just open an existing map and experiment like a monkey with a shotgun. No such luck.

    I went to the Custom Maps directory, opened Darkened Enlightenment and every time it crashes the editor. I hunted for an error report under my temp directory, but I can't find anything, even after turning on view hidden files. All I can offer is that it indicates a crash in UT3.exe every time.

    Is anyone else having this problem? I'll check this thread again tomorrow after work. I've got 3 days off in a row coming up and I'd like to make some progress with the editor this month.

    still Newbtacular,
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    1. Is it in the Unpublished\cookedPC\ directory? Rather than the Published\cookedPC directory? This is because when UT3Ed is run it doesn't look through the published directory for content.

    2. You won't have much luck messing with DE anyhow because it is a cooked map - in the current release anyway. You should be able to look at it though, just not build it. I can upload an uncooked version if you like.

    3. The error message should be under the logs directory - probably Launch.log.
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      I blame all the bsp brush work, DE seems to need an awful lot of ram to load (or it did for me) and would just keel over and kill ued most of the times i'd tried to load it in the past. Sometimes it'd load, but othertimes not at all - now with 4gb of ram it doesnt crash, but im a vista user, if ur on xp 4gb might be somewhat insane (mind you, with ued for ut3.......)

      just not build it. I can upload an uncooked version if you like.
      Odd because i'd been able to edit it quite happily - and yet if it were cooked that would be some weird thing to be happening.

      No matter, no doubt a new version will be along soon


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        Well, 4GB of ram is useless without a 64-bit OS, XP or Vista. Vista 32-bit is actually the worst OS to for UT3 Editor, because your video card memory will count against the 2GB limit - you can't actually build DE with decent shadow accuracy on Vista 32-bit without overrunning the 2GB limit and crashing. You can on Vista 64-bit and XP though.
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          Don't you mean 3.5GB limit or are we not talking about the OS?
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            I thought that too, that 32bit can use the 4gig but only uses up to the 3.5.


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              Under a 32-bit windows system, the memory address space (4GBs) is partitioned for each application between the application and the kernel, 2GBs each. And some of that kernel's address space is reserved for special usage, like accessing hardware, so you can't get a full 4GB of RAM addressed.

              You can actually change the ratio and give each application more and reduce that available to the kernel, but the application has to be compiled in such a way that it can use the extra memory, and you run the risk of the kernel not having enough memory.

              When an application reserves over the memory limit (it doesn't even have to use it) then it crashes. This doesn't come up usually, because applications aren't sold that break the limit - until Vista decided to count video memory usage in the application memory pool. That can be an extra 512-768MB of memory usage, which pushes some applications over. Notably UT3Ed, which I have seen report 2.5GB memory usage, and Supreme Commander on larger maps with lots of AI players.

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                Yes, it was under the Unpublished directory. It's the only map I've seen so far, but I imagine there are others if I find the right directory.

                I only have a gig of memory on my system. When I built it a few years ago, I thought a gig of memory would be plenty, but that's progress for you. I'll hunt for the launch.log and see if I find anything there. I'm still on XP. I won't upgrade OS's unless I have to. I'd still be on Windows 98 if I hadn't bought a gig of memory already and realized it would be wasted on '98.

                Maybe an error: Fatal Error: Your system is out of date. Upgrade your rig, n00b!


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                  Okay, just located the Logs directory and generated a launch.log after trying to load up Darkened Enlightenment. If you'd care to see it, lemme know and I'll find some way to upload it to you. I've got it copied to a flash drive at the moment.

                  From what little I saw of an earlier launch log, it looks like the editor doesn't see the 3 mods NBAI and a couple others that I edited that file to add. I've probably done something wrong again.

                  I still can't find any other maps to tinker with using the editor. Where should they be located?


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                    There should be no reason to move off XP for a while yet.

                    Darkened Enlightenment is the only map we've released. Future maps will be in the same directory.

                    Assuming you've copied everything from
                    My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\NbGame\Published\cookedPC
                    My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UtGame\Unpublished\cookedPC
                    then I'm not sure what is wrong.
                    Maybe copy the NbGame\Localization directory in there as well, although it shouldn't matter.

                    Please do share your log, or at least the end part around where the crash occurs.
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                      Ive noticed with UEd that sometimes it crashes before the logs update with the reason it crashed from.

                      So it pays to make a backup of the end into another blank document, then try loading the map again to cause the crash and see if the log changed (sometimes waiting before clicking the close button helps too).

                      Quite an annoying log bug that since it doesn't help you track down things any easier


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                        What I copied was per the May 07, 2008 mapping guide you wrote. Looks like it changed a little from what you originally wrote though.

                        It said to Copy everything under .\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Published\cookedPC\Nightblade to.....etc. I copied the folders I had under NbGame since I didn't have a Nightblade directory. Those folders were Config, Docs, Localization and Published.


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                          And a shortened version of the log (I eliminated earlier info that didn't seem relevant. The filesize was a little too big to send)



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                            I believe that mapping guide you are following is outdated. I've been messing a bit with NB and UED so here is the way I got it running.

                            First (very importantly) make sure you have installed the UT3 1.3 patch which I assume you did to be able to play NB.

                            Next, browse to the .\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\NbGame directory. Make sure you have a folder called Published and another called Unpublished (create them if you don't). Copy everything from the .\NbGame\Published folder to the .\NbGame\Unpublished folder. So now you should have two folders that have exactly the same files in them.

                            Then follow step 2 from the mapping guide as follows:
                            2. In your .\UTGame\Config\UTEditor.ini add or modify the [ModPackages] section to be as follows:


                            Finally you need to create a custom shortcut to be able to run UED in Nightblade mode.

                            Right click on the desktop and select New->Shortcut. For the location of the program enter
                            "D:\Unreal Tournament 3\Binaries\UT3.exe" editor -mod=..\NbGame\Config
                            Replace the path in quotes to reflect where your UT3 is installed. For typical installations it would most likely be in C:\Program Files. Then the arguments after the quotes should be editor and -mod= with the name of the mod as listed above for nightblade.

                            Now you should be able to run UED from that shortcut. You will know it worked if the title bar of UED says "Unreal Editor for Nightblade (NB)".


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                              I've been messing a bit with NB and UED so here is the way I got it running.
                              Hey... you finally must have reached level 700 Sneaky

                              If worst comes to worst I guess we could just upload a NB version with all the settings done for you..... I did it for someone else in the past