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UT3 Patch 2.0 & Titan Pack released.

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    I fired it up after the patch finally finished and it feels a great deal more fluid than I remember. I was a bit disappointed by the achievements though, there wasn't anything imaginative it was just 'Get x kills of a certain type' or 'Play every level with your wang hanging out of your pants'. I prefer the achievements that are a nice little challenge to try to make you push yourself or do something different, the ones that are basically measurements on the epeen scale don't hold any interest. If I'm that awesome at the game I don't need achievements to prove it I'll just frag you repeatedly until you quit/cry.
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      Originally posted by Illuminus View Post
      BTW.. you and your filthy timezone. I would have accepted your "challenge" if i was not for the fact that i was fast asleep .
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        Wait, you can play UT3? O_o

        Who knew?
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