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    Will there be a mod for ThiefIII if you are making a mod for UT2k3 now ?

    Well ThieveryUT is not done (it is still BETA), and you started making a new mod. I think that it will not be finished before Thief3 release. And than will you stop making Nightblade, leave it in BETA and start making Thief3 mod ?

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    I don't think Black Cat Games will do a Thief3 multiplayer, at least not as long as they are making NightBlade.

    But, anyway - it's based on the same engine (UT2K3), and I'm sure you'll love NightBlade.


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      Thievery might've been in a beta, but it was still in a more finished state than most mods ever get to...


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        IMHO why not to fix some bugs in thievery, release final version and then go to nightblade. Do not tell me you want to develop 2 mods at same time


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          We've been fixing bugs in Thievery for almost 3 years now, it's getting quite boring.
          Look, if you want commerical quality Q&A then start paying us some money.


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            Originally posted by mOdEtWo
            .. and I'm sure you'll love NightBlade.
            I'll love Thief3, like I love Thief 1/2, and Thievery. And you guys do know how to design thief multiplayer maps, you do have knowledge to make a balanced thief multiplayer. And I think that ThiefIII is best for Thief multiplayer, so I hope(d?) there will be Thievery under Thief3. Imagine all new features that nightblade has and realtime lights 8)
            .... and thief3 proffesional meshes, skins, models, textures

            EDIT : another reason to make it under Thief3 engine is that in Thief3, the bodies won't disapper. (But some problem will be still there, because of multiplayer karma stuff, like dalai said).
            I think that TUT devs do not want to make a "Thief3 multiplayer", they want to make an unique game with some thief elements (I think they wanted to make "Thief multiplayer" and they created TUT). So it is differnet motives this time IMHO. I'm a lot sceptical now. We have lot of fast paced action games nowadays and i choosed thievery because it wasn't one of them.
            Sorry for all that criticism, I think that criticism can only help developement (more than : yeah it rocX0rz i can't wait, blabla). However I'm still looking forward nightblade.