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Training Videos for Mapping w/ UT2003

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  • Training Videos for Mapping w/ UT2003


    I just found these videos the other night when looking for tutorials for UT2003 mapping on the 'net. You have to sign up to become a member, but it's free to do so. You just need a valid email account. I've only watched the first five of them so far, so it's all stuff that I already knew, but it's pretty informative. And I did pick up a couple of tips along the way. Looks like there's about 20 hours or so total, so it probably gets pretty in-depth.

    I'd highly recommend that anyone interested in mapping for UT2003 or Nightblade download these things and check them out.

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    That site is great. It's not just mapping you can learn there, but everything from modeling in 3D Max, to MySQL and PHP.

    for this one..


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      3DBuzz is absolutely magnificent