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  • New idea: tuck

    How about a key to pull your appendages together into a small, tight ball to make yourself even harder to see? Kind of like crouch, but you can't move or shoot, have limited freelook freedom, and lowers your overall visibility by 10%.

    In TUT, the shape of a thief (lanky body, arms and legs outspread) in 10% light is easy to spot because he's in a large posture. A dark blob would be much harder to spot, I think (could be wrong, I guess ). If balance is an issue, put a 2-4 second delay after you hit the key and before it takes effect and also a delay when you release (or flip the toggle).

    Possibly macro the talk and whisper key to tuck, so you're harder to see when chatting.
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    like the morph ball in Metroid? Pfffff :lol:
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      News Flash! Thieves to be replaced with giant, 3d smilies.

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        Originally posted by immortius
        News Flash! Thieves to be replaced with giant, 3d smilies.

        Have you seen the healthsphere tutorial on 3DBuzz? Just add the black ninja strips to the texture
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