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  • Cloaks

    Will thieves and guards have cloaks? Will cloaks have physics-driven dynamics? A thief's cloak does well to break up the body form and shape and help to conceal the thief better.

    Guard cloaks are good too, because they're easier to spot in the dark, especially if they're white or something. Perhaps texture them with a red bullseye?
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    I had a NeverWinter Nights flashback for a second there...

    Anyways, this could actually be kinda cool. Any chance of at least trying this?
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      Not likely...
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        I've actually seen a UT skin that had an animated cape-like thing. It wasn't rendered through any physics, though, but through an animated texture, I think.


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          yeah, how about putting teddy bears on them if they get em though?
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            I would dig cloaks simply for the look of a hood over a thief's head. That way we don't all look like we're running around in our pajamas, or escaped from an S & M mistress.

            While they're at it, why not allow selection of individual skins? UT has TONS of skins you can download, so why can't we have say a modest selection of 3 or 4 skins built into the mod, with others that can be downloaded for individual servers etc.

            I'm putting in for a copyright of a new type of cloak/ taffer outfit. It will be the Spider's Flashy Jammies outfit. Why be limited to a paltry 3 flashbombs? This suit will be 90% flashbombs and 10% leather.

            This outfit will pay for itself in one night! Imagine Captain Crunx shoots you with a bolt from halfway across the map. Chances are good he will rupture a flashbomb sewn into your suit and POOF!---instant flashbomb! "Ach..I cannot see!"

            Or you are falling from a great height when you're all out of catfall potions. This is going to hurt! But at least you'll know that your impact will cause dozens of flashbombs to go off, possibly blinding surrounding guards for life. And another taffer may be able to salvage a few flashbombs from your remains...