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  • UT Mod University Announced

    I saw this in my GameSpy newsletter and thought I would pass it along to you guys.

    " Unreal University Announced - Prophet
    Epic Games announced today details of its first ever Unreal University event. A workshop devoted to learning how to create mods using Epic's Unreal game engine, Unreal University will offer attendees practical and useful techniques for creating decent extra content using the Unreal technology. The event will take place on November 8th - 9th at North Carolina State University. The event will features members of Epic Games as well as Jason Busby, creator of the site and the site. The 3d Buzz Mastering Unreal site contains more than 100 hours of free downloadable Video Training Modules (VTMs) geared toward educating users on how to program and build content using the Unreal Game Engine. The event is being sponsored by Epic, NC State's Center for Digital Entertainment, NVIDIA, AMD, Alias and Atari. For more information visit and But the most exciting news for fans of the Unreal Tournament series is that the latest iteration of the popular action game series for the PC, Unreal Tournament 2004, will be showcased during the event.

    Source: PlanetUnreal"
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    Good to know.
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      Wonder if it's too late to become an exchange student...
      Ah, to be a hero. Keeping such company...


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        And a good and educational time was had by all
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