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Abolish the need to rescue AI

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  • Abolish the need to rescue AI

    On TvG maps, don't have guards start out patrolling areas of darkness, so that they need to be "rescued".

    All of the guards could spawn in one large room (or all in the house, or whatever). The guards could be set to go on their various patrol routes (perhaps after a minute delay), but if the guard players want to keep the guards in the house, they don't have to go into "thief areas" to fetch AI and bring them back.

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    That's actually a decent mapping principle overall, and probably applies more to Thievery than NB, since the primary mode of play there is TvG. Not sure about all in one room, since that leaves potentially important areas uncovered fromt he very start, but not in areas where they need to be "rescued" is a good idea.

    You have to balance single player vs multiplayer, though.


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      I like that slappy, I think all guards should start in the house or building but not right in one room and not right next to the objectives.


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        That wouldn't seem very... realistic. I mean... Guards would be patroling the area at all times, right?...

        Besides, who knows... Maybe any smart thief that knows whats good for himself, would keep at least 100 meters distance to any guard...


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          *walks in* oh.. slapps posted an idea. Guess I better get to opposing it. =P

          While the intentions are pure here Slapps, I think having all the AI spawn right where the guards have easy access is a mistake. Imagine this in say... DE. All the guards in in the barracks. A guard could quickly run in there, order half the guards to patrol loki's and the other half to patrol the guest house. Other guards go straight to Loki's/guest house and sstart setting up AI in clever ways. That would nearly damned impossible to win as thieves, and it would only take the guards a couple minutes to get set up.

          Imagine similar instances in Gerome, Korman, Skelstonhead, Asylum, Spider, hell even Folly.

          Any map that isn't a pure loot map, and has some kind of campable objective, wwill have the objective swarmed with AI in a very short amount of time.

          All this brings me to another point, though this one is more personal. I hate AI. I've said it a million times. I derive 0 enjoyment from AI. As a thief they just get in the way and provide repetative, annoying, and rather overpowered resistance. When you encounter a room full of AI's (which will happen a lot with your plan) You have really no choice but to toss a flashy and blind them all (AI's bain) or quaff an invis/catfall(cause often times an invis alone isn't enough to escape AI wrath in tight rooms. Their hearing is obnoxiously acute, making sneaking past well placed AI nearly impossible, making a camped areas nearly impossible to sneak up on totally undetected.

          As a guard they steal all the kills! I place a few AI here and there, but I never use them that much. Its so much more fun to kill thieves myself. Screw the AI in everything excepting lives, and considering you can wake up guards now... thats no big deal at all. I hardly even have to bother myself with anti-DM tactics these days. In other words it made human guards extremely dusty. With the exception of maybe 5 or 6 people in the community... I don't fear humans at all. AI however cause me a LOT of trouble. In 1.2 it was just the opposite, which is the way I liked it.

          Rant finished.


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            I think slappy meant it for maps like stronghold, where AI are out in the dark where no AI should be. In DE, all the guards are in the confines of the wall, thiefs have to cross this wall to get them but stronghold is just thieves and AI spawning 2 feet from eachother, and when humans spawn outside, its highly likely that a DMer will take you out before you get to the door.


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              I think Stronghold needs less guard lives, and more AI should spawn inside the castle.


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                Uh, no PC guards -> no AI to rescue. They handle themselves. Aside from the opposing thief team, it's going to be like playing a solo mission, but with PC help. Highly predictable AI arangement and responses.
                "Garlisk's got a lov-el-y bunch of coconuts."


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                  Dude! -> NightbladeTvG! Thieves vs Guards! Human guard players!
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