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Guard Dogs?

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  • Guard Dogs?

    I was thinking, way back even in the medievil times they always had some sort of guard dog somewhere. Mostly guarding something like an exit or entrance to some place of significance. I know pet spiders like the ones in ThSpider you can move around and tell them to follow; but they're pretty much just like AI. Tell them to follow or stay where they are put.

    I was thinking we could make challenging if guard dogs were be in the picture. Since dogs are supposed to have better hearing and sight than people(and spiders). I was thinking, than if so, have an AI with a better sense of hearing than regular guards and maybe they could also move with half the effect of the speed of the speed potion speed. You could also give it the same amount of life of the spiders (or less) just to make it fair and fun, .

    I mean who wants a tweaked out guard thats just as hard to kill as regular ones?
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    if we do have dogs you could have it so the theifs could drop some food or something and then run away while the dog is eating
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      Guards with *better* hearing than what we already have?

      I'm glad this is the NB suggestion forum...

      If the NB AI are anything like TUT AI... then lets stay away from anything with better hearing. Otherwise you couldn't even so much as jump with out attracting the "guard dogs" from across the stage.


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        How about if the hearing of the dogs was approximately the same as the guards we have now, and the guard hearing was reduced so it wouldn't be quite as good?


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          Maybe we should stick with the 'thief' theme and make GUARD BURRAKS! and maybe you could buy a saddle 'n stuff so you can ride 'em!!!1

          Okay, I be quiet now. :?
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            They should be playable too. With black and white vision and a constant panting sound. And if you smell the ground you can tell if a thiefs been there! :?