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  • Suggestions from TUT pulled into NB

    There were a ton suggestions for TUT that were never realized. A small percentage of them were actually very good. I'm not going to cull through that forum (and the old forum), but I'll post one that I rather liked.

    Flour bags, an item in-game like crates or also purchasable. In-game object in an alley can be hit with an arrow (non-water) to explode, coating any nearby thief in white, causing him to leave white footprints for a short while, and anybody crossing the area then on will leave white footprints (like a bloody pool). Whiteness of body fades completely after 100 yards traveled or so. Flour spilt on ground or white player can be neutralized with a water arrow (maybe two). Bags bought can be dropped strategically. They can also be thrown at a player where it explodes and the previously stated happens. Possibly bags loaded in maps can be retrieved like spare potions, or maybe make them un-frobbable. Someone suggested that you take flour, hit it with a water arrow and then a fire arrow and a loaf of bread is made An idea, actually: airborne flour is explosive. Perhaps throwing a flare into a recently exploded (<4 seconds) flour plume should create a flashbomb effect.

    Dig thru the suggestion forum and post good old ideas you think might work in NB here.
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    I've been thinking about ghosters in NB, since thats what i'm gonna strive for the best I can...

    Anyone remember my suggestion for the creep button? If you hold the creep button then you not only move slower and quieter, but you do other things slower and quieter as well. Like drawing the bowstring back, or lockpicking, or opening and closing certain kinds of doors(that may not be possible, I dunno.)

    You get the idea. The opposition against this in TUT is that one of the only things that stops a talented ghoster for completely owning the guard team is the fact that he has to make noise sometimes. Maybe he has to get through a locked door, or moss some trops, or something, he has to make SOME noise.

    In NB however, since everyone is supposed to be a thief then that changes things. Considering the thieves "defense" in the guildwars gametype can hide just as well as the offense, then they have the obvious advantage. How does a taffer sneaking up on an enemy base know its not currently guarded? If he uses a flare or flare arrow, or whatever you use for light in NB, then he is no longer hidden.

    So I say let us be quieter by holding the creep button while we do things. To balance it we'll be slower when we do this as well.


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      Jarvis, the game will be faster paced. A creep button to make noises quieter... Would hardly have an impact.

      A skilled ghoster can easily figure out where the guards are if there are any, when to strike and how to get away clean... And ghosting is often more succesful for base raiding the a bruteforce attack.


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        i say nuke just get a nuke.... boom bam game is over.
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          Originally posted by Alchemist
          Jarvis brings up a good point about door opening.. Will it be possible to control how far a door opens for sneaking in slowly and things like that? Perhaps open normal on frob, but open slow if holding down the creep button? I understand NB is faster paced but I think that only qualifies for the base games, Thieves vs Guards I would assume will still be played similarly to TUT thieves vs guards. Correct me if I am mistaken, but I only know what I've heard about the game.
          That would be my intention. I am aiming to have NB TvG to be slower paced and tactical like Thievery. It won't be identical though.
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