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Cheap alternative to Whistles

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  • Cheap alternative to Whistles

    I was thinking of a cheap gadget for the guards, something simple, a sort of backup for the Whistle. How about glass shards or some other "crunchy" stuff (cornflakes? ), that the guards could spread around on the ground, that would make crunchy counds, both when guards, thieves and NPCs steps on it
    As they would be glass, they wouldent be very visible, and the right glass effekt could probally be made with a layer on the ground with a high opacity.
    What do you guys think of this idea?

    Best regards,

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    Already been discussed to death...


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      The new guy is throwing out ideas. Stop being so rude.

      I kind of like the idea, it seems helpful... but it would probably be too unbalanced. The whistler, caltrops and mines are good enough, and there's not much use for anything else. If the point was for it to be cheap, that's where it becomes unbalanced. Thieves have a hard enough time already with all the campers.

      On the other hand, if this guy is KAM....
      The only constant is change.
      (And I wouldn't have it any other way.)


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        Its definitly a good idea, but CD is right, it would be too unbalanced.

        Maybe the thieves could have thier own warning device, like a trip string only thieves can see and what only guards can break. So if a guard has passed through there, all the thieves who went by would know. Or maybe a sort of chemical spray that leaves footmarks that Thieves can recognize, since guard make heavy steps they wouldn't realize they're leaving a trail (that only the thieves can see). I don't know if this is any good though.
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