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  • Objective Complete Sound!

    I was thinking of something very nice that would even be more realistic (wich is nice in these type of games)..! that when you accomplish an objective, the sound should come about maybe 10-20 seconds later, OR no obejective complete sound at all...!

    cause that sometimes ruin your nice snatches and so on..for in thievery for example, map: skeltstsonhead, someone snatch the map and later dies on the road..if there was no objective complete sound, the guards really HAVE to keep an eye on the map! and cant just fool around close to it doing stupid stuff waiting for the objective sound to appear... if there are no objective complete sound, you can really do NICE things, like snatching the map on the road without the guards even seeing anything, and then just exit...the guards will like "HUH!?" and they will se, NO MAP on the road :>>>> thats what i call real THIEFING...

    so what i am saying is that just delete the "objective complete sound" and there will add much more feeling to the game, guards have to be more alert, it would be more realistic (like it should) and you can do really nice stuff...! :twisted:
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    I kinda like that idea, Louie. It would be nice to get the objective completed without disturbing the bee's nest. Just let them and wait for them to just look down and finding what they were guarding had been pilfered and not even knowing how long its been missing. Had having them panic and scatter looking for the culprit. I think wouldn't be fun for some guard players, especially ones who don't like a challenge.....

    One time at Nostalgia I looked up from the lyre and back and it was gone AND the sound didn't even go off for me, and I was surprised and panicky but I found that it was very entertaining as well.

    But I think it would be more fun and realistic on both sides of the spectrum at least for me any way.
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      yea ,wouldnt it Wolfe.. it would even add a smile to the guards,, like: "ah, NICE ONE " ... "didnt se that coming"... it would really be nice

      btw wolfe, havnt seen you on the servers latly, its nice playing with you you're a nice fella l8er dude
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        I think this ideas good in theory... but put in the game... I dont know... I dont think it would go down well.
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          A bunch of objectives in thievery could only be seen/heard by thieves (Rubies in Korman). It's a map setting for what teams should hear it, so if having it on proves a problem in map, it can be turned off.


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            Hmm, I dunno, I mean, Thieves have all those ubber ninja moves. :swordthi:
            Give guards a chance to rush the exit
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              Originally posted by LoUie
              btw wolfe, havnt seen you on the servers latly
              Well, I'll be playing all this weekend, so watch out.
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                Well... I suppose the best thing would be to add more customizability for the mappers to define these things.

                For example, suppose in a hypothetical Korman recreation...

                I'd make it so, that Thieves have two objectives, one for each gem. These objectives, when fulfilled (gems are stolen) don't notify guards.

                However, guards have two objectives themselves: "Make sure the gem stays in the house" and "Make sure Korman's remains stay within the crypt"

                This way, guards would be notified when the thief has already escaped the most dangerous area.
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                  How about notify Thieves when their objectives are completed but not the guards so that guards are not alerted and thieves closing in on the objective would know without having to be whispered by the escaping looter.


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                    Isn't it taken for granted that the theft is noticed by watching guards, and the shout is automatically given out.
                    Your basically asking for thieves to have instant warnings/alerts but not guards.

                    Korman (best example) already has a theif only alert, for single gem stolen. Then a universal alert for both of them.
                    This can often be used as an advantage, since you can check where the rectory gem is, then come back for it after the crypt gem, and the guards haven't got a clue until its too late, but since most thieves want that gem for themselves this tricks isn't seen as often as it should be.
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                      I actually quite like the DRAMA of the objective chime, to be honest.

                      It's already delayed slightly - or maybe that's just my lag - but if it were really necessary, perhaps a delay of 2 to 5 seconds could be added.
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                        there does seem to be a delay because you can run up and snatch and objective and get far enough away to escape the firespam before the chime sounds and all hell breaks loose.

                        I don't mind the idea of guards recieving no warning, but by the same token kill messages are broadcasted to everyone, so guards can be warned of dm'ing. I think same should go for objectives - to be fair.

                        The objective complete alert forces thieves to be a bit more careful about how much loot they take and from where. A good thing imo.

                        I don't know about in NB though, it'll really depend on what sort of game it turns out as.
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