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    I think one of the biggest reasons that TUT never become very popular is becuase most people had simply never heard of it. I think that once NB hits a good release stage (perhaps some time after the initial open development release) that the dev team should try to get the word out to as many UT and thief sites out there so that the mod can actually have a much larger community this time.

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    Wrong... TUT was advertised at all kinds game sites, including gamespy.

    It simply didn't appeal to many players.


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      NB is advertised on mod communities and stuff?
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        Dalai sent the word out about NightBlade to all the major Thief/UT2K3/MOD sites. And I guess he will do that again once we release the first public alpha.


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          Perhaps a blurb at would help?
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            So do you think they will advertise for Night-Blade the same why or try a different tactic?

            When a game is advertised alot of people look at the references to the game. "GameSpy says: Night-Blade is the best Mod of the year" and "Planet Unreal recommends: A must have", people, when making their judgment, look towards who they regularly go to or read up on to give them the right idea.

            "Hmm...Well if Planet Unreal (or GameSpy, etc.) thinks it good then I should at least try it" Its a download mod so its not like its hard to come by.

            Maybe some of the people who play NB and a few others who could trial test too *coughs, holding hand up* could give their commentary on what they think as well, to give a peer player reference, along with company references. Y'know like what everybody seems to do. :wink:
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              i like to think of NB and TUT as a game with style and class that most games lack and most gamers can't do

              or maybe i just like to make myself feel important
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