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Enhanced Player results possible ?

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  • Enhanced Player results possible ?

    ive seen a few places where people ask about having more statistics at the end of eachmap.things like caltrop kills, mine kills, shooting off of a ledge, flahsbombs used, bolt kills/damage, sword kills/damage, things like that.
    Will results like these be made for nihgtblade?
    im not sure what else there should be but if someone has ideas please share them.
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    If implimented, perhaps a tree structure, where you click the person's name and more detailed stats fold out under him. Personally, I'd suffer from information overload -- wouldn't care for that extra stuff.
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      Maybe have the points like a team related thing... because TUT's scoring is just like a personal thing.

      Maybe, like a defence bonus (if you kill the most whilst guarding your stash area)

      Dont know what else, but I'd like it team related if possible.
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        great idea! i love the information at the end of the round, maybe something similar to worms? like "most picked on theif"


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          Titles are ok but giving scores discourages teamplay, a team score that could even be higher for the losing team would be cool though. If you want all the stats have them saved to an external stat file like NGstats works in UT so the people interested can browse them at their leisure.
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            Yeah something like Road Rash 64 would be cool. At the end of each round they have a "Rap sheet", and they give out various funny titles.
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              Can you say: "Goldeneye, Perfect Dark or Timesplitters (2)"?

              Each player would recieve 3 titles according to their playstyle/performance during the round...

              These titles were based on kills contra deaths, certain item pickups, average life time, no. team kills, ammo used (contra kills). etc.

              Sure, some off them made absolutely no sense when you got, but it's still cool none the less.


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                I like the titles idea. TUT had em. "Fatcat" "Guardbait" hehe. Sometimes they didn't make sense, like you'd be "fatcat" when you only got 10% of the loot, or something. Yeah, I like the titles idea for Nightblade!
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                  aside from cool titles, i was getting more into stats on each person for what type of kills, damage, etc.
                  Damage: 135
                  - 80 from Firebolts
                  - 10 from standard bolt
                  - 25 from sword
                  - 20 from mines
                  Thief Kills: 3
                  - 1 caltrop
                  - 2 sword
                  Bolt accuracy: 53%
                  Shot 15, Hit 8

                  And then if you want to go further:
                  Slashed Shadows: 150 times
                  Flares used: 17
                  Tags used: 7
                  Landed Sword hits: 9
                  Speeds used: 2
                  Invisi used: 2
                  # of times was KO'd: 3
                  # of times was killed: 2
                  # of time killed own dumb self: 1
                  Water arrows used: 4

                  Not sure how to put all this info on their, maybe like fixxer said have a drop down menu. Or just make a full screen for each player that we can cycle thru player by player while we wait for the map change. Or have the list like we do now, but click a name and it opens the fullscreen for that player. then click close to go back to name list.
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                    Thats a LOT of stuff.

                    However, I would like to see bolt AND melee accuracy numbers (Hits/Swings or Shots).

                    I think the equipment used is just extraneous.

                    If you wanna make a drop down window, or seperate window with that stuff I guess thats ok, but I'd like to be able to quickly glance at ALL the peoples scores with basic info, also.
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                      Having some stats might be nice as long as you don't give a score to the players. It really kills teamwork.
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                        FT is correct, it most certainly does.
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                          No scores? really?

                          I dont kno, I mean, I don't seem to notice anyone changing their team aspect to get higher score or not. It seems more that really experienced theif playrs would rather get all the loot for themselves because its hard to exit with more than one or two people. That in itself is the cause of non-team effect. the score at the end of the round is just a tally of all the obvious stats shown. Clearly the one with the most loot and most kos will be the winner if the score is shown or not. And the guard that just happened to be at the right spot or did the best strategical guard work gets more kills, more damage, gets the hight score. I dont see any correlation that score numbers have against team based play. In all reality, our society, in fact most species work on a rank system. The toughest Mountain goat gets the girl, the stronger bear gets to mate with the female. In Business, the team effort got the product done on time, but that guy who stayed late and found the breakthru gets that extra bonus in his salary numbers. Even in sport events like football and baseball, the team may have a score but no one seems to have a problem with being the MVP of that game or of that year. Followed by the guy who was just behind him, followed by the guy who hasn't caught a single ball all year. Scoring is built in human instinct, whether you see the numbers or not, you see who did all the work and he deserves the pat on the back for helping that team the most. I'd say keep the scores and make them match the work done.

                          I think the scoring system we have now is just natural and evident to show the more skilled players. In every list, someone is going to be at the top. I doubt guards are going to hold a thief and call a friend over to kill him so they can all have the same amount of kills. You cant ALL be the "Bloodluster".
                          Stats without scores is an oxymoron.
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                            Be a pain in the arse trying to determine which kills originated from ledges or not etc. You'd have to implement zones for each of these areas if you were to attempt to do this.


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                              "Guarding" points for being in specific zones....