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Multimonitor Capability with Nightblade?

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  • Multimonitor Capability with Nightblade?

    I thought of this in another thread. Is it possible to add multimonitor support for those with more than one screen?
    • Create N cameras (one per screen) at the viewpoint, angled out to minimize panoramic distortion. For instance, for two screens, angle one camera -1/2*FOV and the other camera +1/2*FOV; or for three screens, angle the cameras -FOV, 0, and +FOV, where FOV is the horizontal field of view per screen.
    • Be able to put the dynamic map on a separate screen.
    • Be able to put another viewpoint on a separate screen, such as yourself 3rd person simultaneously with yourself 1st person on the other screen.
    • A teammate's view on another screen.

    Just some ideas. Seems to me the first bullet would be easiest to impliment, but there are balance issues with that, what with being able to see more. I'm also partly curious to know if UT03 can be modded to add additional cameras at the player's viewpoint.

    Another stupid idea that'll get tossed out and left to the back of the forum pages.
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    mmm sounds good, but wouldnt this be a UT2k thing? if its the same engine, I would have thought so....
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      Seems like it would give multimonitor users quite a big advantage...

      And i doubt it will be added for the 0.01% of users that would be using it... And i doubt anyone on the dev team is part of that percentage.


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        I'd use the map on a seperate screen, anything else would give too much advantage though. Possibly even having that would and implementing it just for sepctating purposes seems a waste of time.
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          I think if they're going to have any modifications towards the whole multi-monitor thing at all, they should, just for options and convenience sake, should have the option to put whatever you want for the screens. Maybe stretch your view, or have one screen 1st person another screen 3rd person and another has the map, or anywhere in between. It would be nice, just don't brag about it to people who don't have the option of more than one screen, so to avoid excuses and blaming from frustrated players. The worst case is there are going to make stupid rules made for 1+ screen players, and that only causes trouble and un needed frustration. Plus it would probably as how things go discourage 1+ screen players and who wants to lower our already tight NB numbers(and currently non-existant >ahem< NB blade community)? Nuff' said
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