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Nightblade to be released after Thief3?

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  • Nightblade to be released after Thief3?

    Just curious. Not sure how far in development you guys are. I'm guessing halfway, so that means yes, it'll come out after Thief3.

    Are you devs going to play Thief3 and get lots of good ideas from it? Find mistakes that Thief3 made with AI and improve your own AI? Get level ideas? Find a lockpicking solution? Invent new moves?

    Bleh, this is just me thinking and drooling about what's to come. The devs can ignore me
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    OMG! Thief Fanboy!!



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      LOL Buho,

      Not sure how much I can say really on this because I don't know how much of the total thing has been done! Its at a point now where it's playable and damn good fun! but Dalai's mind is constantly working and churning out new things, sometimes there'll be a week of nothing, then out of nowhere theres an update that adds much more, theres no 'finishing line' as such that I know of.

      Map wise there's a bit of work to be done, but this is something that can never be completed, the more maps the better, the higher quality those maps again, the better. I think the mappers are just mapping until the game comes out.

      I can't give specifics because It's not my place to do so, or even a progress point because I don't know! I do know it's good fun!


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        I just wish it went beta allready.


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          So, in other words, Nightblade is just Dalai's little fun project. When he finally runs out of creative steam, he'll release it to us with whatever maps were created up to that point. Totally understandable, since Dalai's not in it for the money but for the experience and opportunity, and I can relate to that motivation personally as well.
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            After ut2k4 is out.


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              So it is going to be for 2k4 then?

              *hopes not
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                Yeah, can't you just release it now as NB .9 and when 2k4 comes out make some updates and release the 2k4 version? Pwetty pwetty please?


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                  I didn't say it was for ut2k4... I just said after ut2k4 is out.


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                    i think they want to make it playable with UT2k3 and UT2k4. am i right?


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                      check this:
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                        Firstly I must say, being new on this board and all, that I've been enjoying Thievery for some time. I've only ever played publicly online a few times, but I've played it alot in private sessions, LAN and online.

                        About the question at hand :
                        I've played a few UT2003 modifications and most of them seem to suffer from lack of players. UT2003 wasn't the greatest sales-pitch of all times as the developer would have liked. Sadly this reflects in the publics interest in it's numerous modifiactions. There are many modifications, but few with a large *and active* community.

                        However, since the total lift-off after the UT2004 demo, many are excited about the theory that UT2004 will bring in loads of new players. The demo has been a huge success and many mods hope to benefit from that as game communities today are very into community made modifications and mutators.

                        Seeing as NB is a game where lighting especially is important, I would think that UT2004 would be the logical choice as it has optimized code for just that. Also, better netcode is a big + in regards to online play and smoothness.

                        I for one, do believe that going with UT2004 instead of UT2003 will be provide these things more easily :
                        1. Better Lighting.
                        2. More players (Potential anyways).
                        3. Smoother gameplay (Online).
                        4. More possibilites.

                        Anyways, that's my angle Thanks for a great game so far.


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                          AFAIK Lightning has not been improved in ut2k4.

                          But there certainly is alot of other interesting new features.


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                            I read somewhere that it was. Still I can't give you any links for it, so I'll keep it in mind and post it if I can find it again.


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                              Look, we just can't make any judgements on the UT2k3/2k4 issue until we have the thing in our hot little hands and have a good hard look at it. To start with, it is still possible we can support both really easily! We won't know until we try it out.

                              And yeah, like MB said, I have heard no reports of any notable improvements to the lighting system. I'm certain they would have mentioned somewhere if they had re-introduced dynamic light maps or anything equivalent.
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