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Looking for some help with the scale test.

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  • Looking for some help with the scale test.

    Hi everyone,

    Cynicide here, UnrealEd dabbler extrordinaire (I'm quite bad at it). I've downloaded the NightBlade mapping RARs and I've gotten UnrealEd 3 to work with the bat file provided. So I figured the first order of business would be to throw some different sized blocks in a level and see how this whole scaletest thing worked out.

    When i did this I edited and ran the scaletest batch file and got the UT2003 loading screen, then the screen went black, then it played a sound file (Sorry don't know which one, sounded like a laser blast), then it minimized itself! Maximizing gives me a black screen which I'm free to min/max until I shut off UT2003.

    Does anyone know what went wrong? I've got my map and my batch file at

    If anyone would like to take a look.



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    Try looking in this thread:

    I really cant help you test the map, but far as i know the scaletest never did work correctly... Not sure if someone did get it working tho.