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Thievery for UT2003 or UT2004?

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  • Thievery for UT2003 or UT2004?

    Is thievery out for UT2003 or are you planning to release for UT2004 or something... I would play t but it needs an

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    Originally posted by Grey
    Is thievery out for UT2003 or are you planning to release for UT2004 or something... I would play t but it needs an
    No it isn't. Night-Blade is a new game but will have a game type that's supposed to be similiar to Thievery. From what we've heard it will be released sometime after Alien Swarm and Alien Swarm has yet to be released.


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        I guess they are working on running it on ut2k4...
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          Night blade is different game using a more current engine.

          Thievery uses the original Unreal Tournament, 436 or better. May lack the graphical detail of the more current engines, but it still plays quite well. Give it a shot.
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            Theivery is great. Lacks the graphics. . . :roll: It's all about the gameplay man. Anyway, the graphics are great. Some of the maps are TOO fine.


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              Yeah, I wouldn't say graphics are lacking in TUT. Lotta maps are REALLY nice.

              Looks better than 2k3 for me, 'cause I gotta turn the detail DOWN to play 2k3 which leads to mushy textures. At least TUT is crisp for me. :p
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                While we're on the subject of graphics, Thievery's is really sweet except for your hands while you have the sword or mace raised for a Power Hit. Eew, blocky!


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                  Yeah Ive always noticed that too. Is that because youre actually seeing the player mesh's hands when they come up? Arent they seperate meshes?

                  and even if they were the same mesh, couldnt you just put more detail into that specific area of the mesh so it didnt look so blocky?

                  Im not complaining, Im actually asking...
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                    the hands are part of the sword model, not the player model. Take a look at the animations in unreal ed sometime, you can even watch many sword slashing animations that are never used in game

                    And what's wrong with thieves having hooves for hands? :lol:
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