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Suggestion: Quiet Doors

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  • Suggestion: Quiet Doors

    I'm not sure if this has been suggested already or not, but whatever. There should be a button that you can press to make doors open without a sound. Kinda like the sneak button. The door would move slower ofcourse, but atleast it wouldn't make as much noise.

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    Originally posted by Shadow Thief


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      Not sure about this. Wouldn't people use it all the time, then there's no point in having door sounds? It would be a loss of a valuable audio cue for the guards.


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        Couldn't it be made very slow when a door is opened quietly? A guard might not hear it but might notice it more easily, if it takes longer.

        Maybe 9/10 times the door would open quietly, but 1/10 it would instead make this long Big creaking noise....
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          ehm, shadow_thief, first the fire bolts in thievery now the quite doors in nb.. seems like you like everything the ez way.. jk XD
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            Yeah, this was brought up for Thievery a while ago. The malus is a longer wait to go thru the door because it opens slower. It seems to me that it would only be balanced is if it took 15 seconds to open a door quietly, but waiting that long is just retarded.

            A kinda similar idea: heavy doors. What if some doors were made out of thick steel and took 15 seconds to swing open, 8 seconds if two thieves helped open it? (Think of the safe door in Nostalgia.) It would add some variety for the mappers, if some doors took longer to open (and close) than others.

            How do doors work in NB anyway? In Thievery, all we have to do is open them 2 inches and we can go through the door. Will doors be physical barriers in Nightblade or will they act the same as Thievery?
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              Doors in Thievery behave as the mapper specifies. It is quite possible to have doors that stop when they hit someone (or squish them ) I would assume the same is true in NB.
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                Bottle of oil! Takes five seconds to apply, makes doors quiet, wears off in five minutes.

                Wait...nightblade suggestion? How important is door squeakage in NB?


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                  I think u have to think about it frmo both sides... guards n thieves... tho there's been times i've wished i could open a door quietly... at other times i've been annoyed that an AI next to the door hasn't heard it open... I think if yuo do it, then AI need to be able to react to a door sound, if its soft, he'd have to be in same room one sideor the other.. if its loud further away...