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A suggestion from a "nub" :-P

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  • A suggestion from a "nub" :-P

    Hi, first of all I'd like to congradulate the team on their excellent looking efforts with this mod, it's in the top of my list for sure with those gameplay ideas and additions.
    Now for my suggestion, I'm sure all of you are very experienced (*cough, I don't mean it that way*) gamers and have noticed that in most multiplayer games, after the initial novelty and learning period passes, every "match" ends up being pretty much the same, people know where every objective is, ppl know the fastest route to get there and the best parts of the map to combat or whatever in. So ultimately, for me atleast, this ends up kind of boring.
    I was thinking that to counter that in Nightblade you could have the loot have a number of possible positions and each round have it placed in a randomly selected position. That way the thieves would always have to search the map first and be cautious at all times since if they don't know where exactly the loot is then they don't know where the guards are either. In my opinion that would add that much more suspense to the game and help a lot in keeping it interesting for a longer period of time.
    I wish it could work in all modes that include loot but that would require alternate paths for the AI guards and perhaps even the NPCs and all that and so it would be more hassle. Also the map design of a certain mode wouldn't allow for radically different positioning of the loot since it would still have to be in the center of the map between the two thieves bases.
    So this would propably work best in the Guards vs Thieves mode since all that would be required is for the spawn points of the Guards to be "transfered" to the location the loot is every time so that they don't have to search for it as well but be in the right place to protect it from start (duh).

    What do you all think?

    PS: My initial idea would be to have dynamically generated spawn points for the loot but that couldn't possibly work well (I think atleast, I'm mentioning it here just in case someone has a way for it to work) so I opted for what I suggested here.
    Also, I'm sorry if it's been suggested before, I haven't looked around the forums much yet...:roll:
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    If I had a magic want that would randomize one single thing in the game... I'd randomize the team bases.

    But of course in the real world that would multiply the workload for the mappers.

    As for randomizing other stuff... even Thievery does that: Random loot and objectives are quite common... and I think there's an actor that randomizes AIs patrol routes.

    Dunno specifics for Nightblade but I think the functionality will be there.
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      Sorry, I didn't know, I never had UT

      Still maybe they'd overlook it if I didn't mention it

      The optimist proclaims that we live in the best of all possible worlds, and the pessimist fears this is true.


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        What DairyQueen I mean DQ said. You have an excellent idea, Alexander. It's such a good idea, Thievery already implimented it! Loot is randomly placed in every map. Several maps have a key objective that is always in the same place, but many maps (and even more in the latest version release) are randomly placed. Taking your idea one step further, they're often hidden behind a safe so even the guards don't know where they are and force them to guard all possible areas.

        Random team bases is a new idea. Can you explain? Can this be done? How hard would it be to impliment?
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