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  • Need help for TH-Library

    No, I didnt got the wrong forum.

    Progress in TH-Library is going VERY slow, somehow I get a sudden lazyness atack as soon as I open UED and my shedule is very tight ATM.
    At some point I wanted to make my map project for NB but its going to be impossible right now. Personally I dont think TH-Library (for TUT) might even reach beta before NB comes out. Also, I cant use the NB maping pack. I tried every single fix and still cant get pass the UED3 splash screen. The only thing that might be causing this is my crappy gfx card. It will be replaced in the next 2 months. But until then no NB maping for me.
    So I made a rather extreme decision. Im giving away my idea to any mapper who wants to make or try this map for NB. I have most of the map's layout in papper WITH UED1 units (although the units might need some rework). You can change the layout as you want and even rename thw level as long as you dont change the objective too much. I wrote a side story to include on this map that I was hoping to continue in future map projects.
    Any questions can be posted here by PM or you can even look for me on MSN. Dont email me. Im having some trouble with spam on my email box so I might miss your message.

    Since the map is originally a TUT map its a Thieves VS Guards map but IMO it can be easely converted to that ninja style Thiefmatch.
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    Sounds neat...I'm workin on my map also, also done making the buildings and stuff then i just have to put in all the loot, doors, and stuffs like that...I'll help you out cause i got Nb mapping pack to work great for me and i also got the Nb Scale test to work


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      I'm helping Antero out with his map (for Tut). We'll let you know when we have anything worth showing.