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    Hey, i like the Thief models =), because thr blue is very cool and the arrows on the back of the thief.
    Can you say me which weapons you can buy as a thief ? ( i would say a dagger and sword)
    And i would say that in Nightblade it were cool, if you could buy a Sword and Mace and perhaps a Pike.(as a guard)
    And of course there must be different swords.for example Longsword, shortsword, dagger, or boadsword.
    And there must be different Bolts.For example some new: Poisonbolt(give the thief poison so that he will lose some health every 5 seconds),
    Flashbolt(blind the thief,like a thief can flash a guard), and a radar sender(so that the thief is located at the guards map(perhaps there is a map, where you can see the your mates and then the thieves,like in thievery if you press m, but now there could the map be in small, in the left corner =) ),
    Perhaps you can build pictures on the right corner,where you can see the health of the other thieves(that were cool ^.^).
    And i like the shield,perhaps you can build different shields,for example towershield,or roundshield,or small shield. =)
    And what is with teamspeak ? Must we connect to teamspeak to talk with other people or is it in the game ?

    These are my suggestions for Nightblade, i hope you can need some of them,because i like them =)

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    There is a form of Teamspeak built into UT2k4.

    As for the other stuff a lot of it is in but you'll have to wait and see for the full details
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      I think that a flashbolt for the guards is not good because the thieves must keep their priveleg to flash.....
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        On weapons... what I"d LOVE to see, is a theif and a guard able to use both hands. For guard, he can carry a flare and his weapon at same time and use both. For thief, if he has a sword and dagger, he can use both. I'd hope there's some decent sword play, n not just a slash.... especially needs a stab... also with the cosh PLEASE PLEASE Do not make the charged cosh covere the thieves eyes.. make it like guards in TUT, and upward one so I can run around fully charged if need be n still see clearly.

        In arrows, I think flash for guards is bad idea... flash is a thief weapon, guards have firebolt... Other thing I think really needs changing is the thiefs shoes. No thief in his right mind would wear leather shoes when he was 'working' lol... as in TUT.. He'd wear something soft.... that gave muffled footsteps.. still audible to guards but not so loud.

        I'd also like to see lil more gore.... in SOF2 knife routine, you can walk up to someone n slit their throat.. which is soooo cool to watch them slide down the wall leaving trail of blood lol...

        thats my 10 cents worth lol