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clanbase for night-blade?!

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  • clanbase for night-blade?!

    well, is a place where you can make your own ladders for a game, getting some more competition in the game! is a good place where you can schedule matches easy (a very good match schedule system) and it also does most of the things itself (wins, losses etc). most of the games on clanbase are these big games (cpl games) like quake3, warcraft3, counter-strike, ut2004, doom3, painkiller, tactical ops, battlefield 1942 and even the MP stealth game splinter cell 2! and also other games thats not as big as them ofcourse.

    well, my point was that I were thinking it would be damn nice to register night-blade to clanbase. cause if we do that, we'll add some more competition in the game wich is fun! and most of all, we keep the game alive! night-blade will probably get bigger, maybe not, but ppl will see the game, maybe getting some more ppl start playing this game, more guilds to play vs! I know thievery community is a nice little community where the most of the ppl know eachother, but there are nothing wrong with getting some other nice faces to start playing night-blade? =) Im not saying to take this to serious if we now register night-blade to when it comes, cause when a game gets TO serious, its not that fun.. Quake3 was one of the biggest games a while ago, (cpl/wcg game) that I played, very fun game! but I have to say, thievery takes it all... best game I've ever played! And beeing on clanbase is some "status" I guess, I would like Dalai and the rest of the team to get this status for these superior games they've done! (thievery/night-blade), it feels like TUT/NB should belong with these other big cpl games, (not to become one...but who knows? ) cause thievery is so damn good (havent played night-blade, but Dalai and these guys really know what they are doing, stealth mp games, no doubt night-blade will be good). thievery is even better than splinter cell 2 ! =p according to myself and many other players.

    I dont know if ppl want this though, but like I said before. maybe. just maybe getting some more new players and guilds would be nice, also the competition and keeping it alive and more fun to play! thievery isnt only any game out there, its a special game (same to night-blade thats on its way I bet). so, does this whole thing sound like a good idea to you all? I sure hope so, peace! //LoUie
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    Must... segregate... comments... into... sentances... one big rant...

    Anyway, I think Brody set up something similar, Nightblade IS going to be bigger than Theivery, it's more accessable, easier to pick up, I'm sure tho that it's gonna be a bitch to master.


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      well, not many ppl has posted what they think of this... so, how does this sounds? CB is big =p
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        It sounds good i guess, but it is a bit early to decide on this.