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    Can the the creaters give more news for Nightblade? So we can get a look at Nightblade cuz there isn't alot of screenshots out for maps, furniture, weapons etc. Another thing is, is there going to be more skins so the thieves will have like 10 choices and for guards so the game will be more realistic
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    Originally posted by sky-fiwa-
    You keep using that smiley. I do not think it means what you think it means.
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      nope i use the the smiley in a differnet way bill
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        Why would the game be more realistic if there we're 10 different skins?
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          And how is that smiley supposed to be used? I can't even tell what it's doing? Scrubbing? What?


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            It's a reference to scrubs from the Play To Win essay.
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              Brass Eye anyone?
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                official reply

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                  my last post is in the wrong thread! I blame everything but user error
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                    Originally posted by Subjective Effect
                    And how is that smiley supposed to be used? I can't even tell what it's doing? Scrubbing? What?
                    And this is where it all started at these forums. F'ing scrubs!


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                      Ah, cool

                      I thought it was cleaning or something, like something that matches that guard voice, about the masters carpets getting bloody and getting a servant to clean it up, been so long since i played i've forgotten

                      back to topic...
                      yeah, just wait, i mean i'd rather them not show any more stuff about nightblade so when it finally is released i can run around the game going "WOO cool, awesome look at that! OMG OMG look at that! WOW, ..., amazing, sweet, awesome, [email protected]!, Wow, I found a bug..., *calls up friends*, *comes to forums*..."

                      and it might go something like that all night long


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                        I see that guys point about the lack of updates.. sure were going to get yet again...

                        "The developers are too busy working on the Mod"

                        "They have thier own lives"


                        But i think many who keep repeating this without questioning the facts are deluding themselves..

                        Over the past 1 year 3 months ive been following this mod, there have been about 2 updates on the shape of the mod which divulge Very Little, and we have been told practically "Sweet F.A." about the gameplay.

                        Over this time period the best information the devs could give us about the game is:

                        "Its Thieves Vs Guards Vs Some weird third party called shades That We STILL Know Nothing About."

                        Ok so we can argue that it takes time to develop a game, every member of the team are too busy to be messing around putting updates on webpages or even post on a forum.. But thats so easy to say when you want something of such a scale.. hoping is the natural reaction.

                        IN REALITY though is taking an awefully long time, its tiresome even waiting for it. Alien Swarm never took this long, so whats the deal with NB? No other TC's ever take this long...

                        Ive noticed that between the updates nothing had really changed, so my theory is that there are no updates because the devs have nothing to update us on, I dont even think this project is even getting an hour or two's work on it a week.

                        I aint slating BCG for not working on it, been there done that myself and it gets tiresome working on a mod, even using the editor away from all the dreaded code becomes a chore.

                        But i think its time for them to either say;
                        • YES, NB is a priority, we work on it constantly and we are going to keep you all informed on its progress.. (and be true to it)

                        • No, we dont have time come back in 2011

                        If BCG dont have the time to communicate with the people who follow this mod almost religiously (a good example of such loyalty is SpamSlayer) who are the only thing truely keeping the interest alive, then they dont deserve to have such dedicated fans.



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                          As I understand it, Swarm did take this long, it simply wasn't announced so early in its development cycle.

                          If you can't handle the wait, that's really your own problem. Have a little faith.
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                            Well working on that DBZ mod, I feel I really don't have anything to put into my Journal thing because all I really do is stuff that I don't think any cares about. Like an entry for me might be "Today I added some more detail to the streets, added a few trees and scenery items, changed some lighting, zoned some parts of the map."

                            I don't think anyone would care what edits I have made to a map, for nightblade devs an entry might be the same or something like "I stretched out the model to fit the UT2004 model shape." or "I changed some gameplay code." or "I made a new texture pack." or "I tested my map." But we did get a few updates like the professional animator Dalai (or whoever posts) told us about. Or Music from Jesper Kyd (maybe Jesper Kyd is having trouble? takes time to write songs )

                            I don't think they've stopped, I think they've just come to the point where they have gotten so far, they don't want to spoil anything, and all the stuff they really have to do is finish maps and test some more, knock out a few bugs, cleaning it up

                            So thats just my opinion on what I think is going on with it, honestly when I heard about it I thought it was going to be for UT2003 and got UT2003, I didn't think it would take as long as it has, but that was before I heard how long it took for thievery.

                            But whats going on for sure? I have no clue.
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                              I'd pick a quality game anytime before an overhyped mediocre game. Because that's what development information actually does, spoils and hypes stuff about the game that would be a much more effective surprise to find out when the actual game is ready.

                              Just think of Molyneux's games, for instance. They hype about every damn piece of information and when you get the game itself, you already know everything you're gonna get, whee, have fun those two days you're gonna enjoy it. Now, like with Nightblade, I don't have a damn idea what the shades are about. I'm extremely interested, but instead of gaining that knowledge through hype-information, leaked tidbits or even quality dev-announcements (and whining for it), I'll much more gladly find it out myself when NB comes out and enjoy tons more.

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