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    I came up with an interesting twist to the standard Guards vs. Thieves gameplay today, and I would like to know what you think.

    There would still be a thief team, but instead of guards, you would play as city watch officers. The object would be for the thieves to evade the cops as long as possible, and the cops would have to "arrest" all the thieves in the city surrounding their police station. Cops would arrest a thief by first stuning them with their nightstick, then slapping them in irons. The twist is that the cops cannot kill the thieves, they must bring them back alive to the jail.

    While incarcerated, the thieves can be broken back out (with some difficulty) by any remaining thieves. The round ends when either time runs out (thieves win) or when x amount of loot is recovered or y amount of thieves are in cells (guards win). Thieves may KO guards, but these guards can be revived afterwards. If a thief kills a guard, they then become a "public enemy", a marked man, and lose their ability to hide in shadows. These "cop-killers" would also be fair game for the guards to kill.

    Thieves have a loot amount given at the start of the round (not loadout loot, but simulated swag from their previous escapades). When stunned and arrested, they drop some or all of it, which must then be taken by the guard to an "evidence locker" for storage. There are also loot cashes in various thieves' dens around the city that the guards can retrieve.

    In addition to loot and thieves, guards can also arrest various "crime lords" around in the thieves' dens, which count as double towards the capture score. Thieves must protect these VIPs by leading and escorting them around to different safehouses in the city.

    To assist the guards in their duties would be a few new inventory items and weapons. First would be the irons, 3 maximum. These could be obtained from either the jailhouse or the guard supply chest. Once a thief is cuffed, it as if they are KO'ed, and the officer must carry the thief back to the jail and put them in a cell. Next, the nightstick, part of the default loadout. This would stun a thief for a few seconds (similar to parabolts), in which time a guard must put them in cuffs. The guards could also buy a torch, which stays lit a long time, unless dropped or extinguished by a water arrow. It would have a slightly larger radius than a flare, and it could also be used as a weapon. When it strikes a thief, the thief would catch fire. The guard must be careful, however, not to injure the thief too badly, lest the thief dies. Lastly, the officer would receive a whistle, which would alert other guards to come assist. This whistle would summon a few nearby AI guards to help with the pursuit.

    I am also thinking there may be a possibility for police dogs, which would accompany an officer, and could run fast. A bite from a dog would stun a thief, in which time the guard must catch up and cuff (or further stun) the thief. To counter, a thief may KO the dog from any angle. If a thief kills a police dog, well, that's just cruel . The ASPCA would then put out an APB for that thief (similar to the "cop-killer" rule). A thief can also purchase spiked sausages, which would attract the dogs and incapacitate them, similar to a crack arrow.

    I'm not sure if anyone has had a similar idea in the past, but I'm sure this would make gameplay more interesting to both teams, instead of the guards acting in a passive role.


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    It would be an interesting experience. You could do something like this for a map, using custom .u files, right?

    So, if you can map and code, here's an idea.

    I'd like to see the "Capture the loot" model of gameplay.

    (two bases, thieves and guards on both teams, like Capture The Flag)


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      Yes, this can be done entirely with bolt-on code, and wouldn't need to alter the existing scripts in any way.


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        With thieves being broken out from being held in the cuffs... would the player be dragged back to control? If so, what about their current life? Would the lives be lost? or added to the unused pool or what?
        <makes love to TuT again and again...and again>


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          Best way I think would be to have the rescued thief life added to the pool, put only once the thief is put in a cell, and there are lives remaining on the thief team. I fthere are no free spots, they stay stuck in the cell, similar to a spectator.

          The thief could be rescued during transport, and full control would be restored to the player.

          It will have to be determined what is the most balanced method during any future testing.


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            I think it would be better if the hardcuffs (I presume this is 'irons') only made the thief unable to use anything or open any doors. And with the guard having some kind of ability to control the thief.


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              Wait..whats to stop the city watch from killing them? If they can never die... then guards will just have fun beating the theif down like rodney king.. and they can do it forever since he wont die. And if he can die and its "You kill, you die" like th-spider has... well then all the thieves will just get down to 2 drops and wait to get hit and get killed therefore killing the guard.


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                Yes, it's a good idea, but let's keep it thievery like, okay? Whistles...?
                Boff... Some of the details need werk!