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Throwing potions(or rather: 'stuff')

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  • Throwing potions(or rather: 'stuff')

    I was in a game last night, on Flats as a guard, and a teammate of mine started roof climbing. He did however get stuck on a roof without a catfall potion. So I was thinking, "why can't I throw him my catfall?"

    So, I want a "throw" button. Throws an item just like you throw junk items you pick up. The problems I can see are that potions thrown shouldn't be unbreakable. So I was thinking that teammates should be able to catch thrown items in the air, by holding the frob key and facing the item thrown, for example.


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    Hmmm... sounds nice. I have been in both positions before, and had run around to find a safe area to meet up, which almost defeats the purpose. I don't know anything about scripting, so I have no idea how hard it would be. It would be something nice to think about for 1.4.
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      Note to self: Down go roof climbing in flats without catfalls...

      (That was me...)
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        Perhaps holding down the drop button longer will cause it to move further away from you along your line of sight (adjusted for gravity, and within reason).

        One thing is for sure, guards will use this feature all the time to

        a) break invis potions that they pick up (if the potions are breakable)
        b) toss them into an inaccessable area (if the potions are unbreakable)

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          I saw this thread topic and had a Diablo II flashback....

          Good idea, though. I don't really see the problem with the way guards would use it, though, as they're doing a pretty good job of making invis potions they find inaccessible already.


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            Why bother throwing them off the map, when there is a handy-dandy chest around?


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              This topic actually sparked an interesting idea in my head.

              How about if guards could "poison" invis potions? Perhaps a guard would need a certain item to do it, or, if classes are ever added, could be part of a guard-mage class or something? But basically, the guard would poison the potion and then leave it somewhere not too obvious for a thief to find. If a thief drank it, it would take down a bunch of health - maybe slowly, similar to how health potions slowly restore life. Or, the guard could throw the poisoned potion at a thief and it would act like a crack arrow when it broke. A cracked thief is just as vulnerable as a cracked guard. Could be interesting anyway. It would make thieves think twice about picking up invis potions they find lying around.

              For that matter, what about a series of potions that act like poison when drunk, but are designed to be thrown as weapons? Maybe a tar or goo-potion that makes it hard for a guard or thief to walk over a certain spot (slows them down alot), or a throwable health potion, a thief could throw it at a wounded team-mate to heal them? Maybe even some kind of molotov cocktail style potion?
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                Scripting suggestion:

                You could have a generic ThieveryObject that would be created upon someone pressing "Throw". This object would inherit the visual properties (mesh, drawscale, rotation, etc) of the currently selected inventory item & a reference to the inventory item-class it represents, & also be given some momentum to fire it away from the player (as per throwing any other ThieveryObject). The corresponding inventory item would be destroyed & when the ThieveryObject collides with actor/world, a corresponding inventory item would be created. The ThieveryObject would be destroyed (since it was only used to represent the object in motion).

                Now I've done all the thinking, someone else can go script it


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                  Originally posted by Shadowstar
                  This topic actually sparked an interesting idea in my head.

                  How about if guards could "poison" invis potions?

                  Already sailed that ship.