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  • Changemap + voting

    Sometimes when it is slow, and there are not many people online, I will hop onto a server and start playing solo and wait for others to join in. At times, the map is not one that I would prefer to be playing, so I do a changemap command in the console. Here is the problem...

    A lot of servers have a 'Player' logged into the server, and since they show up as an active person (albeit only a spectator), the changemap command always fails since there is only 50% of the vote.

    Can we have the voting system ignore anyone with the name 'Player'?

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    Mog has a way to disable "Player" altogether. Unfortunately, it also disables the server console in webadmin, so most servers don't use it.

    An alternate way to accomplish what you want is to leave the server, re-enter, and vote again. This is a bug exploit, but if you're the only one there, I doubt anyone will object.


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      I will keep that in mind, but it'd probably make more sense to just make the modification that I described. Thanks for the tip tho!
      Thought for the day: Beware of Gods who do not laugh