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The Official Thievery Servers Info Thread

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  • The Official Thievery Servers Info Thread

    Are you running a Thievery server?

    Please direct ANY AND ALL pertinent Server info to this thread, for central reading purposes. This includes (but is not limited to):
    • Bans being placed (and why, for other admins who might care)
    • Bans being lifted
    • Additions to the map rotation
    • Subtractions from the map rotations
    • Important software/hardware changes to server
    • Important connection info changes to the server (changing max players, changing IP, etc)
    • Expected/unexpected downtime and subsequent uptime

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    1. NO CHEATS! You will be banned permanently!
    2. No bug exploits. (For example, no use of the wallhack, for any reason.)
    3. No spawn killing.
    4. No suiciding to kill a team's spawns.
    5. No giving away player's locations or other information as a spectator.
    6. No trash talking. Be respectful of other players.
    7. No wearing of guild tags of which you are not a member. No impersonating a member of CTG at any time.

    Other than that anything goes and have fun!


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      This isn't a 24/7 server, but it's online from 19:00 to 09:00 on week days, and all weekend from 19:00 Friday to 08:00 Monday - all times are GMT.

      These rules must be followed and respected to all times when playing at Mog's Thievery Server. If you don't agree on the rules, then go play somewhere else. We're only trying to keep this a lamer/cheater free Thievery Server. Playing at this server is a service to you, not a right!

      If you have been banned from the server, and feel that you've not been treated right, please make a post about it - telling us your story. Include the time (timezone), other players that may have seen the episode, and the whole act. We log IP's and chat on the server, so we can go back in time to see what really happened. If you want to keep this from the public eyes, send a mail to [email protected], or PM Mog.

      Keep issues about the server away from the official forums, instead visit us at

      ******* RULES *******
      1. Cheating is NOT tolerated. A player caught cheating, will be permanently banned! - A cheater will also be reported to other Server-Admins, risking to get banned from all of the public Thievery servers! Cheaters = not accepted!
      2. All sorts of <abbr title="Use of the wallbug etc...">bug exploiting</abbr> is cheating, and will result in a ban.
      3. Never give away a players locations, nor give away any hints about the game that makes a team superior.
      4. Play fair, don't spawnkill or waste lives on purpose.
      5. Be respectfull to other players. No dirty talk!
      6. Have fun, and play some good games!


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        The Blackjack Experience back online.

        I run this on a 1.8g, with 256 RAM memory (hopefully, 512 soon), on a cable connection. Hopefully, noone will lag (if you do, don't hesitate to tell me).

        Server will be on all day, as long as my brother doesn't do any bullshit on the computer, in that case, you'll have to wait a bit to see it back on.

        Rules are clear and simple : Don't do anything dirty, think about it. To those who don't know what this means :

        1 - NO cheating (and that includes bug exploiting).
        2 - NO wasting of lives to get new items or health, or simply to rage.
        3 - NO hardcore DM'ing.
        4 - Be respectful to other players, don't wear tags you aren't allowed to, and try to refrain yourself from swearing too much (I can understand a "FFS" when you just died with no lives left )
        5 - Your only right when you're a spectator is to breath (don't give out player locations or you will be ultra-banned, courtesy of me.)
        6 - NO spawnraping.
        7 - CIRCLE-STRAFING is declared NOT NORMAL by ME and is a KICKABLE offense.
        8 - If you are a guard, you are OBLIGED to have at least ONE firebolt in the loadout you will use! (.... )

        Depending on the gravity of the situations, you will get or a ban or a warning.

        That's it!

        AutoWakeUp : True
        Wakeup timer set to 10 minutes.


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          -)(TCO)(- Public Server

          Well, my DSL upgrade finally got here and I now have some beef to my bandwidth.

          I will be hosting the server in conjuction with Ghostly's server, so most of the time there will always be a TCO server up and running.

          CTG rules apply, and bans WILL be enforced. The TCO server will not be a haven for cheaters/lamers.

          Server admins are: Biohazard, Ghostly, and Chalrif.

          Most importantly though, have fun!


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            ---The ~TuF~ Ghosting Server---

            The ~TuF~ Ghosting Server is provided to give those whom wish to seek a new challenge within the aptly named "ghosting" style of play, and as such is subject to a more specific set of rules :-
            • You will move like ghosts, from shadow to shadow, the guards should be oblivious to your location, presence, objective and destination. You will pass by their defences leaving no trace of your being there.
            • No Killing! Your a theif, not a murderer.
            • No Knock-outs. Accidental marios are cool, but otherwise, no.
            • No Deathmatching. You WILL be kicked.

            Due to the limitations imposed on the thieves there is only one mandatory rule for you, with a few requests.
            • DO NOT, Stack objects, Crates, bodies, or other crap on an objective at any time. Give them a chance.
            • Try not to spam fire bolts.
            • Try not to blindly slash at shadows.

            Server Location


            - All members of ~TuF~ are given access rights, Only Keepers and the Master Keeper may impose or lift a permanent ban, these Keepers are :-
            • Chainsaws
            • TheMachine
            • Dragon

            - Other members of ~TuF~ may, at their own discretion remove players from the server, although it is encouraged that the server be a place for people to enjoy themselves in an alternate game style.

            Appeals, Questions or Suggestions
            The Unforgiven Forum
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              -=:Tears of Blood:=- Public Server

              This server will be running almost 24/7. Same rules and bans as the CTG server. Right now max players is 10. If it lags too much at that setting I will lower it to 8.

              FrobWakeup is on. 10 minute timer for auto wakeup.

              1.5 mbps download / 300 kbps upload ADSL

              Questions, comments, unban requests:


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                Mockers' TvG Server


                Primarily for those Australians who are sick of current conditions,
                as well as any others players who want a taste of Aussie ping.

                This server is running Experimentally to begin with, so expect erratic times.
                However, you can be certain it will be running 19:00 Friday to 08:00 Monday - all times are GMT.

                Due to bandwidth restrictions, players are limited to 6, for intense 3v3 action.

                There are no rules, aside from - No Cheating and No Raging.

                Maplist- All maps included in official 1.4 patch.

                AI wakeup- 8 minutes.

                Frob wakeup- On
                .:Mockers Thievery Guild:.
                - "Earth dons the red; calls the maggots."


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                  =(T.W.W)= Guild Public Server

                  Host : Necros
                  Admins : Necros, Archi
                  Capacity (stable) : 8
                  Capacity (lucky) : 10
                  IP :

                  Maps Rotated: All Maps That Come With TUT1.4 Minus TH-Spider (crashes server for some reason)

                  Other Maps (Not Rotated but you can vote for them)
                  The Cultist Church
                  Country Abode
                  Kamasutra (English Version)

                  Server Running Times

                  8:00 - 00:00- BST(GMT) Weekdays
                  9:00 - 00:00+ BST(GMT) Weekends

                  Server is Locked For Private Training on Mondays 18:00 - 20:00

                  If you have any complaints / suggestions about the server please
                  Email Me @ [email protected]
                  Post it @ T.W.W's Forums

                  Location : England, NW

                  Ping Bias
                  Good for UK + Europe,
                  Ok for America and Africa + Asia,
                  Bad for Australia + South America

                  !=! Rules !=!
                  No Cheats goes without saying, policy on cheaters is same as CTG
                  DMwinning is Not Acceptable, but a few Kills are OK
                  Frob Awaken : Positive
                  Awaken Time : 10 Mins

                  Have Fun!
                  Never, ever, argue with an idiot. They'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience


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                    Thieve's Coop Server

                    This server is hosting Coop games with the Mapvote thing. I have modified the default settings to make the Coop game a bit more challenging. All welcome.

                    It will be running for sure from Friday 5:00
                    pm to Monday 5:00 am
                    , and sometimes during the week. All hours are GMT+1

                    Server details:


                    Athlon 64bits 3000+
                    512 Mb DDR

                    ADSL connection
                    Download bandwith: 1,2 Mbits
                    Upload bandwith: 160 kbits
                    Dynamic IP (so it's useless to add it to your favorites )

                    Thievery settings

                    Max players: 6
                    Max spectators: 2
                    Number of spawns: 6 ( so if server is full 1 life per thief )

                    AI skill: Genius
                    % dropped on death: 100
                    No guard kill = True
                    All thieves must exit = True
                    Guards wake up after 5 minutes.

                    Contact: [email protected]


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                      Uncle Mango's Public Server

                      This server is hosting TvG games, and sometimestheifmatch. I will be adding mapvote and some other enhancements soon, but right now it's a vanilla install.

                      The server is up whenever I feel like it, usually Monday through Friday, 7:00 AM to9:00 PM . All times are GMT -5 (EST). [go east coast usa!]

                      Server details:


                      Comcast Cable Internet, 3Mbps down/720Kbps up. I've gotten reports that this connection often beats Crackaz. Technical details: The server is behind a Linux Shorewall router, running Gentoo Linux, with a 2.6.3 kernel. This DNATs to my machine within the firewall.


                      AMD Athlon XP 3200+ (200mhz FSB)
                      512 MB Corsair XMS Low Latency RAM in Dual Channel Mode (bandwidth ++ lol)
                      nVidia nForce2 motherboard: mfr'd by Gigabyte
                      2 Western Digital 80 gb hard drives in a RAID 0 configuration, using onboard ITE raid card
                      ATI Raedon 9600 PRO (128mb) graphics (not like graphics matters)

                      Thievery Settings:

                      Max players: 12
                      Max spectators: 6

                      I'm a big proponet of making my games challenging, so 100% loot dropped on death.

                      The AI skill is set at Clever, I find this is more challenging than Genius

                      All other settings are default: I haven't gotten around to editing ThAux.ini yet.

                      Contact: [email protected]
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                        OMG i wanna see me in here, too

                        Brodys Revenge
                        LootDrop=70%, AWU=7min, FWU=yes, TL=35min
                        No annoy, cheat, insult, lame, rage, stack or spam
                        Running "webchatlog", "ASH400", "BDBMapVote304"
                        MaxPlayerLimit 12
                        FIX IP
                        Port 7777
                        Runtime 24/7
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                        Thievery Customs Center
                        Vietcong Customs Center


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                          Opening of Nobody's Home server:
                          this server will be a 24/7 server (at least at first, this may change if I don't like what it does to my computer) there will be times when the server will be taken down for personal business. I am now running version 1.4 final until 1.5 is released then I'll run that.

                          at this point in time MAPVOTE is the only mutator running on my server. objective delayer is being considered, but I haven't decided on it yet. comments and requests from the community are welcome.

                          server rules:

                          1: no cheats
                          2: no serious bug exploits such as this wall hack everyone else bans and the x-bow fast fire. some bugs or exploits do not seriously effect game play and are ok. if you aren't sure if it's an exploit you should use think about how you would feel if it was being used against you, or just don't use it.
                          3: be respectful to others.
                          4: honor system is the method of enforcement be a credit to your community!

                          I am running on a new computer that has been kept clean of ad-trash and is on high-speed cable modem so lag should be very low.
                          Game Console: " nobody killed .:M.Gladius with his nothing."
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                            Barb public server

                            This isnt 24/7 server but i try to keep it on as much as posiible. It has version 1,4 and mapvote. Has all standart maps and most popular custom ones. All Europian players should get ok ping.
                            Loot drop 65%
                            FWU = on
                            Guard wake up time = 5min
                            Time limit= 30 min
                            Server rules.
                            1. No cheating
                            2. No use of desynch.
                            3. Be respectful to other players.
                            4. Ask before join running game
                            5. No spectator help.
                            6. No use of guild tags you arnt member of.
                            7. Dont use other people nicknames or wear AI tag.


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                              Originally posted by Aggamemnon
                              Any chance this can be pruned and updated now 1.5 is here (including this post)
                              Yes, this thread seems fairly outdated. I suggest starting a new thread instead of just pruning outdated posts.