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Map suggestions: Complete player location information

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  • Map suggestions: Complete player location information

    Since I'm not a mapper and dunno the proper term, let me define this:
    location information: The location of the player that is displayed in F1 and in whispers.

    I think every possible player location should have location information. That is, when looking at the F1 screen, the locations of the teammates/AI should NEVER be blank. I should always know (generally) where they are.

    This would help guards, since the "Thief seen" bind that almost everyone has will be useful everywhere on the map.

    This could also help thieves, because they'll know where their teammates are, and from that can probably figure out what they are doing.

    I believe DP has done this with Payback. I asked him about it, and he said he did it, and in my (so far limited amount of ) playing it, it seems to be true. Well done!

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    Cool idea.

    It should be noted that thieves should see where other thieves are, but not see where the guards are.

    And the same for the guards. They see where other guards are, but they don't see where the thieves are.
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      To put it simply, it's laziness on the mappers behalf that not all possible locations have a name associated with them (no offense, mappers). Same reason why not all maps have a map. Darkened Enlightenment is the most exhaustive area-labeled map. Some can argue he went too far I, too, would like the mappers to label more areas, but it really just comes down to whether the mapper pays attention to that detail.
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        Right Buho. Basically my suggestion is that all mappers be locked into small rooms with a computer, and not let out until their maps have complete location information tags.

        Or, more realistically, perhaps we could find people in the community who'd be willing to spend some time on this. I'd be interested in at least finding out how much work is needed to do this for a map, and I'd probably be willing to do a map or 2 (with the author's permission and then approval, of course).


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            Most humble pardons to the mappers. I meant no offense.

            Interesting idea, Slappy. Contract out the simple grunt-work to others in the community, allowing more time for the masters to work their magic on more difficult things.
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              Im puzzlede why some of the maps doesnt have it...
              All maps are split into zones, containing all the areas. Most mappers make every room a zone, by placing a zoneportal in doors.
              When they place a zoneinfo in a specific zone they label it, and that label will show up on your screen.
              Since every area of the map has to be part of some zone.... Well, lets just say some mappers are either A) Extremly lazy... or b) Not good at figuring out names for areas.
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