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  • New Arrow Suggestion

    I was fooling around with vine arrows the other day, and I thought of a new kind of arrow that would be interesting to have. Its kind of a take on the vine arrow actually...instead of a vertical rope, you could also buy arrows that make horizontal tight-rope-like bridges that you can walk slowly across. Either walk, or possibly traverse under them, hand-over-hand style (but I believe that walking on them would be easier to code). Walking on the rope would be like walking on anything else, you can go as fast as you want but its a very thin ledge and easy to fall off of. I came up with two possible ways to implement this: either buy a single arrow that you fire like a vine arrow and it creates a tightrope from the place you are standing to the wood that the arrow imbeds itself in, or you buy the arrows in sets of 2, and fire them consecutively (if you switch weapons before the second arrow is fired, you lose the first one) into the two places you want as ends to the rope. After traversing the rope, you can only take one arrow (the one on the side you ended up on) back. However, if you happen to have another single arrow left over from another pair, you can use them again.

    I just thought it would add a cool new level to sneaking around the tops of things..buildings, rafters, etc. Let me know if Im retarded


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    Thi idea has been around for ages... since the days of Thief1.

    It's an awesome idea, but seems too hard to code...

    But hey, ChaosUT has a grappling hook. Although it's not entirley fitting for Thievery.


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      Well, Im not a coder per se, but I thought that maybe part of the hard part has been done already with the vine arrows: creating/destroying a ladder kind of object that decends a certain distance down from the point of impact of an arrow. The tight rope arrow would be similar, but the rope would be created as a line between two points in a 3d plane determined by the two arrows. If that is too difficult, then just create the rope from where the player is standing to where he shoots a single arrow.

      Maybe Im being unrealistic. I dont know a heck of a lot about the specific dynamics of programming for UT. But to me, it seems feasible since the code probably has to be able to tell where a vine arrow hits to create a rope there...merely use that premise with a second arrow and create a line between the two points that can be walked on. Whether or not it would unbalance the game is up to some one else.


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        I think there may be a problem with coding the creation of a semisolid surface that runs diagonally.


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          I think it would look rather stupid... And unless you can tie the rope to something... You would just swing into the nearest wall when trying to climb it. :roll:
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