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New or Hidden Thief skin?!?!

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  • New or Hidden Thief skin?!?!

    This was a shot taken in flats... i think we were on TCO and there were a number of people who saw this...

    The thief spawns were gone.... black-widow (i think that's the name) joined in towards the end of the game into this skin!

    All the guards were around and the rats (me) and saw this pawn show up.. and Im not sure if he could play or not .. but he just left the game ... but is this some sort of hidden skin?! it came with the sword sticking up like that too.. he didnt buy a sword. I've heard about this happening before too i think.. but look at the character model.. no guards or thieves share that characteristic to be able to get down on one knee like that.

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    Strange, never seen that before.

    Cool moves though, I bet he knows how to shake that ass.


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      Looks like the Thief mesh with the guard skin on it.

      When you put a skin on a model it wasn't designed for normally it looks all borked.


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        Perhaps you found a bug.

        Still pretty cool though.
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          looks like a tcommando to me 8) kewl summon tcommando and see if ya agree
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            I KO'd a guard one time and his armor changed to a skin similar to this. I got a screenie somewhere. I'll try to remember to post it when I get home.
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              All manner of odd things have been known to appear on the TCO server. Was BioTheRatGod there by any chance?


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                Is it just me,or does it kinda look like one of Booker T's poses?


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                  I agree that it does look like a comando. This reminds me of something on Madmangosgrove server......

                  I join as guard. I get kicked because Madmango don't like me (brotherly love :cheers: ). I come back and chew him out. He starts laughing, and I ask why. He sayds to go into 3rd person.
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           is commando.