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Continuance of the Drop Object - Pull weapon thread

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  • Continuance of the Drop Object - Pull weapon thread

    Closed the original for some useless reason.

    As I was saying, 1.3 has this fix for flares only and only if you have your sword out. Thats great for when you know a thief is there and you are chasing him into a shadow, but what about when you are carrying a supply chest and catch a glimpse of a thief? you throw the Supply chest down and need extra time to pull sword. This feature "AutoPull sword on flare throw" should be Check boxed in the player setup. Now when i try my method, it causes a double frob which makes me frob and unfrob right away on occasion, so im drop the object as soon as i pick it up.

    I like to have my sword out at all times... if I pick something matter what... I like to have my sword come back out as soon as I drop it, this isn't for everyone which is why people like it, they have the choice, but the flare idea is limited and I'd like to turn it off and go back to my style, this way you have choices.

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    Meh, i like my own bind for this. Ok, it makes the door go open, or pick something up ... but i still love it. Besides, it can come handy , when you wanna open the door + grab your sword
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      if you are holding anything and you press your button for any weapon you automatically throw away what you are holding and pull out the weapon.


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        Phae whats your bind setup?

        I had my RightMouse=frob | Button bFrob | OnRelease unfrob | thswitchweapon 3

        this pull my sword out everytime I dropped an item by hitting frob.

        Problem is now that when i have it set up this way, there is this problem that makes my drop items as soon as I pick them up. Its because the game is trying to switchweapon and im also trying to switchweapon and its causing me to unfrob for somereason. if I take that thswitchweapon 3 part out it works fine, but only pulls sword when i release the flare. Maybe you got something better. Lemme know.