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Odd Supply Chest bug

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  • Odd Supply Chest bug

    I was playing as thief in Aquatone,when I had taken the chest and went into the bar area.Soon after,a guard followed me in,so I escaped with the chest into the floor vent.Unfortunately,I could not drop the chest in the small vent,and when the guard followed me in I was a sitting duck.After she had killed me,I respawned,but had the chest in my inventory.Now theres two bad things about this.First,the thief can run around with the chest without being hindered by its bulk,and can easily dispose of it.Second,if the thief is unaware that this bug has taken place, the Guards can see where the thief is at by watching the chest symbol on the map of the level.I didn't think to take any pics,but you can ask Poe and Tamias,because they tracked me with the map.

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    That's a weird one. I wonder what happens if you have the chest as a thief, get killed, and there are no respawns left. Do you have the chest as a rat? Can the guards click on the "supply rat" and get more bolts and flares? If they stomp you or shoot you, do that have to get out the repair tools and repair the supply rat?


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      One word.


      But yes, strange bug.


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        I remember that, earlier I had asked where the chest was and someone said the thieves stole it. So, i opened up my map and saw it moving around. I ran to the chest then went into the totally dark room and shot you with a firebolt, then you got maced to death. I remember someone saying "OMG maphack!"