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AI Suggestion - Share out Intelligence

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  • AI Suggestion - Share out Intelligence

    This suggestion comes from my wife, who has never played Thievery,
    but heard me ramble on about it since last July

    Currently I can set the AI intelligence from Benny to Genius, which
    actually equates to a number from 0.0 to 1.0
    So, if there are ten guards on a map, they get a total of 10.0, if I choose genius.

    Why not allocate a different intelligence level to different guards?
    So, for example the server admin can set 'min intelligence' and 'max intelligence',
    say min=0.5 (normal) and max=1.0 (genius)

    Thus their 'average' intelligence would be 0.75, roughly 'clever'
    Their intelligence could be allocated when the map loads, on a random basis, or
    maybe done in such a way as to allow mappers to allocate a specific intelligence
    level to specific guards (like health can)

    So, when a thief encounters a guard he might be anything from 'normal' to 'genius' :roll:

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    This is a good idea - it would make sense to have the higher ranking guards have higher intelligence.

    I have no idea if multiple AI scripts would need to be run (one for each skill level), which could make this idea unfeasible.


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      That would be cool. And a simple-but the mappers would have to be apart of it-solution. Assign 'ranks' to each AI, and then the server gives the appropriate intelligence.


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        This feature is there already. Well; the mapper can set the default AI setting of an individual AI. Can't remember the exact setting, don't have UED here.

        Its actually used in TH-Gerome... Captain Knecht's skill is 1.25 if I recall, therefore he's super-uber etc etc.
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          A random setting for non-server would be awesome! Great idea!

          -end of transmission-


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            Yeah, I like this!
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              Nice idea get it more intuitive it would be great
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