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  • Team Balance addition

    What I'd like to see added to team balance is that neither team be allowed to have more than 1 player over the other team's amount of players alive.

    team B max players = team A players + 1
    team A max players = team B players + 1

    I don't want to see the situation where there are 1 or 2 thieves(or less commonly guards) left and then have several people join to overwhelm the other team. This does not make a fun game.

    This wouldn't kick people off of their team but would only prevent people from joining a team where the other team had few player left.
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    I'm sick of it being 1 on 4 to watch 3 more idiots join in and go gaurd.
    The only constant is change.
    (And I wouldn't have it any other way.)


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      Yeah, the team auto-balance needs to always be in effect. Currently when one team has 0 lives, it's turned off to allow others to join.

      This may be all well and good for those late joiners, but it ruins the round for the players who've been playing all along.


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        Right now it's usefull though.

        Less uber AI is allways good.


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          This doesn't bother me really at all. I wouldn't mind the change tho....

          Damn i'm pretty.... pity no-one will date me because i'm a big shiny killing machine :cry:


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            Seriously though, I don't mind that much when people join when I'm the last thief left.

            Being the last thief allways lessens your chance of survival, and it gives you one hell of a rush when you're one thief in a game and there are 6 or more human guards, kinda makes it more realistic.

            If you want complete balanced teams and teamwork, play more official matches. Public games are just for fun... and not being able to join a public game and having to see a single thief just lenghten his life is boring as hell.


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              I agree with V12US.

              It's not impossible for one thief to beat team of 4+ guards, & so i just see it as a slightly steeper learning curve.

              & one more human guard means one less AI that will randomly spot you at 0% visibility


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                I feel so bad. It was me that initially suggested changing the autobalance (back in November). But my suggestion was:

                * For three players, enforce 1v2
                * Else, do 1.2 balancing (which is if teams not equal, put on smaller team, else don't care)

                Instead, what we got was guard team >= thief team. Satisfies the first requirement, but is totally unfair beyond that. I still think my solution is pretty fair. However, once the game starts and all thief lives are taken, it's still open to choose guard until all AI are taken -- its still open to abuse.
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                  Is this really a big issue? It's not going to affect much more than one round at a time, anyway, then next round, teams will be balanced again.

                  Either way, someone's going to be unhappy, the outnumbered thieves, or the late joiners forced to spectate that round.


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                    My idea for autobalance:

                    3 people playing: Forced 2 Guards / 1 Thief
                    5 people playing: Forced 3 Guards / 2 Thief
                    7+ people: More Thieves than Guards should be OK

                    New players can join as long as Thieves have extra lives.
                    But when Thief lives = 0, No more new guards can join, only people that are already playing can utilize the waking up guards.

                    These 2 fixes should relieve:
                    - The 1 thief vs 12 Guards problem.
                    - Players from having to Guard two maps in a row because there were 12 guards total and only 3 thieves total in the previous maps.

                    *This has been another great idea, brought to you by: KewlAzMe*


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                      Umm... I am quite completely and totally against Kewls idea. Why? Because for some reason my comp loads UT2003 faster than UT (It takes about 2 minutes to start UT, and only 1 to start UT2k3). This means I usually get into the game about 20 seconds into play, and am often disconnected on map change.
                      Say its a 10 player server. 4 go thief, 5 go guard, one thief dies quickly, I join the game, there are no thief lives THUS I CANNOT PLAY, even if there are 8 more guard lives. Give me a break!
                      In most crowded servers, there are usually one or two thief lives, sometimes none, after game start. Meaning that anyone who joins after the 5 minute mark or so will not be able to join thieves because there are no lives left, but with this suggestion they wouldn't be able to join guards either! Given the limited number of servers - less than 10 running at any given moment, and usually 2 or 3 of those are private, and usually all but 1 or 2 are completely empty - My only choices would be Leave and go to a laggy or empty server, or Spectate for 20+ minutes. Right, nothing wrong with THOSE options, right? :roll:
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